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I don’t know if you have ever heard of SoulCollage® But several years ago I discovered this beautiful process in a mini workshop run by Karen Mann at the Seven Sisters Festival in Melbourne.

I instantly fell in love with the ease and joy of this process. I also loved that it includ d a really easy way to use these gorgeous mini art pieces as guidance cards. The process was invented by a osyhcolofist in America named Sheena Frost. She used it personally and with her patients and soon discovered how powerful this process was and dhow beloved it into what we know today as SoulCollage®.

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Of course I trained to be a facilitator as I just wanted more. Now I have a glorious collection of personal guidance cards and have adapted this process talking the way to enhance my spiritual creative art business. It helps me connect and tell the stories of my art and that is such a gift. I love teaching others how to set into their art and find their own stories. I am a storyteller at heart and when I am given a process that makes it easy to connect with those soul stories, I am hooked. So little equipment needed and no art experience necessary so perfect to share as I connect, grow and share spiritual art processes.

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I am running small group and ndividual spiritual art mentoring sessions and this is what one of the spiritually connected creative processes that I love to share.

Today I had the opportunity to share and mentor Helen Bolger-Harris in this creative collage process. Helen and I are offering Biz and Life Discovery Circle taster sessions and this will be my be of my offerings. Do connect in the comments below of you are interested in learning more.

I had a lovely morning sharing this beautiful connected SoulCollage® process with Helen Bolger-Harris.
This easy art process (no art experience necessary) is such a lovely way to connect to our intuitive wisdom in a creative play space that connects us with our heart messages. It always amazes me how powerful and guided the messages are that come through when working with our own stories through these beautiful cards.

Each SoulCollage® card is a unique piece that holds so many soul stories for the card creator. It is such a joy to teach someone how to read their own beautiful hand made mini art pieces … their SoulCollage® cards. I have found that people are always surprised and amazed by the depth of the wisdom that they voice as they read these cards.

These simple individual cards are pieces of our soul made tangible and we get to start new inner conversations that really shape us as we grow into the person we are becoming. I am always grateful for the SoulCollage® readings that I am lucky enough to share with those going on this spiritual creative art adventure.
I have applied to offer a SoulCollage® taster session on the 26th of March at the new business ha in Moorabbin during opening week. I will see if this happens but it would be a lovely way to share more of this beautiful process.


I will also be sharing this process as part of my Artist Soul Discovery Artist's Soul Discovery CircleCircle that begins on Tuesday March 27th. The Artist’s Soul Discovery Circle also includes layers of art as meditation and connection as part of your spiritual art practice. During these sessions I will be introducing Reiki Soul Light as an energy healing modality that is integrated into your art pieces. Learn to connect and write your soul art stories within a small supportive circle of women as you share my Melbourne Studio Space.

So many possibilities

I have taught SoulCollage® Individually, in small groups and at Stae conferences for the Australian Literacy Educators Association and have found the ease and flow of this connected art process has created beautiful results and inspired so much connected play. Contact me for more information on upcoming workshops or for a Spiritual Art Mentoring session tailored to your needs.


I have adapted the SoulCollage® and I am Story writing into my unique  Art inside Out process that guides you into your own art stories. There are so many ways to connect and discover deeper understandings of your own stories as you go on this art adventure.

I believe that we are the stories we tell,and so the clearer we are on the stories we tell ourselves, the easier life becomes. Art and stories heal as we discover more of who we truly are and give our soul voice. I invite you to explore further as you come on a joyful art adventure. You are an artist and a creative soul…it is time to play and you are invited to join me and see what you discover on this new adventure. If you want more and would love to create your own intuitive art then step into your art to find your story waiting then a full day workshop is another possibility

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