If you are here, I am assuming that you have been exploring my art and I am so glad you found your way here. This is your invitation to join me on a tailor made art adventure for you and a few friends. step further. Join me in a tailor-made workshop for you and 3 or more friends.

Aertists Soul DIscovery Circle


Spend a day with me in my studio with you and a few friends.

$150  includes the materials fee a canvas for you to develop your own unique art piece.

This is not an adventure where everyone creates the same piece. This is a space where you get to create a piece that is unique to you as you learn how to follow your intuition and develop your own style.


Personalised Workshops for groups of 3 or more
$150 each for the day 10 am – 5 pm
All materials supplied
Morning tea on arrival and afternoon tea provided
Choice of focus or suggest your own
– Faces and feminine figures
– Flowers
– Owls and animal guides
– Angels


If you would like something more then we can tailor a series of spiritual art mentoring sessions. This will be tailored to what you desire to learn as you connect with your artist’s soul. You may want to know how art can be a spiritual practice but don’t know how to get into that space. You may want to learn to draw a face and see what happens next. This is the beginning of an art conversation as you find your balance through your art as a spiritual practice.

This is where art is a form of meditation and connection as you connect to your inner wisdom. This is mindfulness with your unique creative voice. Let me guide you as you develop your art from that space where you find that inner stillness and find that breathing space. Art is a journey of connecting to something more and following your heart. Each spiritual art mentoring client is unique. Below, I have listed some of the focus areas that I like to explore. Each connection is developed to fit what you need and is personalised to you.


Sacred space

  • Creative connection rituals
  • Meditation
  • Automatic writing

Art as Story


Meet your Spirit animals

Animal Wisdom Card Readings

  • question spread
  • Life Path spread


Create with me

7 + 12 =