Art Stories

Flowers Cheryle BannonExploring our art stories

Hi, I’m so happy you’re here and exploring your stories within the small spaces of your day.

 Your art stories are waiting to share your inner wisdom and guidance as you find space to breathe and connect.You deserve the spaces to wonder. play and explore your world.

This is a space to connect to your artist soul and listen to your inner wisdom,

I invite you to explore some of the gifts on my ‘Things I Love’ page. I have added a few of my favorite freebie links below to add to the flow of your explorative play.

Your Stories

This is an adventure into those wonderful personal stories that are waiting for you with all the messages they hold to help you on your adventure. Art is such a gentle and heart-centered way to connect to our inner guidance. Every piece of art is full of so many untold stories and just waiting for you to connect to the invitation. I do hope I can inspire you to step into your stories today and explore your creative world. Everyone loves a good story and together we have so many to explore the world of art and the magical connection of images and words that gently open us to new discoveries about ourselves and our world.

I invite you to start exploring your story with the freebies and see how our stories connect. I do love the surprises in these intuitive spaces. Then if you feel the inspiration and call of your own art stories I invite you to join me for an intuitive mixed media workshop and find your own stories through this heartfelt intuitive art process. You may feel inspired to explore the gallery and purchase a print or original art piece. However, you choose to connect is a step towards you and nourishes your soul through art spaces.

I’m so glad you’re here and hope you continue to nurture your soul through your personal art stories as you listen to the whispers of your soul.

Love and Blessings,