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Exploring guided stories through art.

So glad you arrived at my online home. I’m a spiritual intuitive artist, teacher, mentor and Wild Soul Creative. My art is all about connection as art stories of feminine inspiration, animal spirit guides and a love of nature. Art is a  visual story through mixed media adventures. Art is my room to breathe and nurture my creative soul as part of this sacred healing art process.

 We are all creative souls and anyone at any level can playfully explore this intuitive art process. All you need to begin is an open heart and a willingness to play, explore and learn. Give yourself the space to step into your own Wild Soul Creativity and explore your inner artist that is just waiting to play and connect. Discover your personal stories through art connection.

I invite you to come on an adventure and explore your artistic spaces as we step into stories of joyful inspiration and openings as Wild Souls finding our creative, joyful spaces.

Thank you for visiting my online home.

Love and blessings,


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Art inspiration

Original designs to inspire joy through mindful mixed media. Be inspired all year as you explore art and connection.

Art is an invitation to step into our own stories and find those connected spaces. Be inspired by mindful mixed media art, connect to your inner storyteller and nourish your soul.

‘Her dreams took flight’ reminds us to be open to our own wild dreams because when they have wings and will take us to unexpected places and open us up to new worlds. My wish for you is that you be open to all that you are; remembering that you are guided and blessed as you open a heart space to possibilities of something more. 


Art is an intuitive process. I see an image that inspires me and ideas begin to bounce off each other as the image forms.

Cheryle Bannon

© Cheryle Bannon 2016. No works contained in this site may be reproduced without permission of the artist.

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