Tranquility of Trees launch 300 (2)Launching, Learning, and play

Here I am in my messy studio considering what I’m doing…those next steps as I look at all the art that has evolved. 2020 and 2021 had so much space for creating with all those lockdowns. Honestly it was a lovely excuse to escape to the studio more often. As an introvert, I do love the space to create and explore but miss all the friendships and seeing people I love.

Blessings and Questions

I am feeling blessed to have the opportunity to be part of the Affordable Art Show at Space2b in Chapel Street St Kilda throughout December and through January.

I’ve done so many shows before and the work is just waiting for an opportunity to be seen but then the question What If…? whispered in my ear.

What if?

I could launch an online art collection at the same time – I had lots of work so why not? So that is what I thought id do and the run-up time of a couple of weeks before the launch would be a focus. This is where the play comes in…I’m learning and this is my first time as an online launch so there were so many ideas… I thought it would be my mini canvas pieces but…

Shifts Happen…

Shifts happen and I had this wonderful launch mapped out but then we opened up and I had an opportunity to go bush for 10 days… right at the time that I was leading up to a launch the opportunity to go bush happened. This was pure soul inspiration and play. Of course, I would do that. But did that mean I had to cancel my launch plans?  Yes, I had lots of work but lots of incomplete too. How could I manage this- and I couldn’t put them online when away. I would have 5 days when I got back with a few commitments in there as well. I wanted to play and launch…what would that look like. Really if I want this to flow it should be easy so then I shifted again… What if I didn’t launch my mini canvas pieces but launched my mini works on paper first. These are my tranquility of tree pieces of beautifully handmade A5 Khadi paper. Small and unique…

Completion and time

My tranquility of tree pieces on paper are close to completion but not quite there yet. There is always more delightful detail play to add. My intention is to complete them in the traveling spaces of the car trip with Keith. I actually love car creating and have done this often so this would be a fun way to pivot. Then when I get back with all these images complete, I will add them to the launch page.

Early release

The idea of early release for my subscribers is something I really want to do. I was aiming for the 27th for the early release but will shift it to the 30th of November with an email access link sent. If your local and buy a piece you will be able to collect it from the exhibition opening on December 2nd or it will be posted in time for Christmas. Sharing in person and online felt wonderful…I plan to add a video of the opening on my Instagram so everyone can be part of the event.  Of course my mini canvas paintings will be launched later on and im still deciding on a date. http:// Learning Curve What I’ve learned just in this short space of time is that there is a need to be flexible in whatever I do. My art is about that feeling of flow and guided connection. Nature reminds me that there is always another way. I would love you to follow along as I take this adventure and share my learning. This is my first launch – wabi-sabi style. Beautifully imperfect and learning and growing through the experience. This intention for playful progress and setting my own time frames really is about allowing new ways of sharing art stories. It is also about self-compassion and those spaces of self-care that are  those calm spaces of connection within nature.

3 lessons

  1. Be flexible – there is always another way – shifts happen
  2. There is beauty in imperfection and spaces of allowing -Trusting that I am exactly where I am meant to be
  3. Create space for play in the spaces you have – follow your heart

A launch seems like a big thing but like anything that is new, it is about following the path you can see. There is no point in rushing ahead as when you do, you miss the beauty that is all around you. Sometimes the path takes an unexpected turn and maybe that is exactly what was needed.Tranquility of trees launch Most of all, I want to play with the idea that sharing and growing online can be a playful way to connect in new ways. I’d love to hear your thoughts as I take this adventure and discover new ways of sharing and connecting. Love any launch advice and comments as I explore, play and share ways to connect, ground and find balance in the wonder of trees and those delightfully tranquil spaces in nature. Love and Blessings signature

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