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My art is a symbolic feminine journey through mixed media layers. These contemporary intuitive art pieces are spiritually based guided pieces to inspire and delight. Enjoy wandering through this playful feminine journey and get lost in the colours and magic of the moment.

These works are available for sale as original artworks (unless sold), prints and as a range of merchandise.

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Women 2016

The images in these galleries are of whimsical owls, angels, and wolves as spirit guides who help us along the way. These pieces re all about our soul connection as we daringly follow our path.

Angels 2016

Jewellery – Boutique miniature art pieces

Using high quality prints of sections of my original art work I have created unique showpiece brooches and necklaces. These small pieces are  talismanic and carry a beautiful gentle healing energy. I use both commercial and hand made bezels, all are hand made with love, and often sparkles, spirals and small embellishments are added to create a truly unique piece.

The hand made bezels are made with copper wire which is wound and twisted into shape and hammered before adding the image and embellishments. The back of the piece is also decorated on the hand made bezels. I love to make an artwork that has areas that can’t be immediately seen. Copper is the metal associated with the Goddess and carries a strong feminine energy. It is also often used commercially to ease muscle aches.

Necklaces come with a leather cord necklace however a rubber cord is available if preferred.

All pieces come with a certificate of authenticity.

© Cheryle Bannon 2016. No works contained in this site may be reproduced without permission of the artist.

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