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Welcome to my Art Life  Stories space.

A place to ponder and explore as a diary/journal about art life and business explorations and all the learnings and aha’s along the way.


Art Life Story Questions?

Week 2 of blogging about Art Life stories next steps. I’m not sure where this is going as all the discoveries along the way open new doorways. My aim is to complete at least 5 pieces in 2 weeks but the distraction factor is big. I have decided one blog post a week is a good aim. Sometimes I will add more regularly as this is an organic post. It is a type of journal that is growing with me.


Monday, July 4th – Tuesday, July 5th – Art Life Stories

Today is Tuesday and Monday has come and gone. I have been painting my explorations and adding depth to my vases of flowers.  There has been so much joy in the side play that I’m in this space of allowing. Art is like that- it surprises you along the way. It is always a discovery.  I’m really in a space of exploring the layers and depth starting with darks and a limited pallet. That means I’m really choosing a few versions of primaries and seeing what color play is possible. I’m really not sure if I will finish those 5 minimum pieces. I choose to let my intentions guide me so I have flexibility…I am leaning into the fun in the process. Every day is taking me a little closer to my destination… It’s the adventure and the process of getting there that is where the joy lives.

Wed-Thurs, July 6th & 7th– Art Life Stories

Catching up with Dad and then home for more art exploration. Focusing on completion has led me down a path of building layers and experimental pieces on the side that are filled with possibilities. You never know what you will discover along the way.

These pieces started as collage layers and playful botanical marks to create different garden stories. They create a lovely small series as I explore this color pallet along the way. Still more layers to come.

Friday 8th July  – Art Life Stories

Today I went to the Entrepreneur seminar that a friend invited me to. It really made me aware of my desire to build a community rather than an empire. It’s those heart connections within the community. The idea of an empire feels more about the end result rather than the joy within the process. I am focusing on creating what I love rather than building multiple businesses. It is about keeping it personal and creating bright spaces for me…adding a little more light to our everyday world.

The best speaker was Janine who is the founder/owner of Boost Juice. Her heart intention and passion were obvious.  My reaction to the ideas shared was about building businesses for the sake of amassing wealth rather that from a passion that lights you up…which was what Janine modeled beautifully.

I do find it hard to sit for long periods of time but drawing as I listen is always a lovely distraction. in fact studies have shown that drawing (doodling etc0 in meetings can actually help some people focus and take in the information more easily.

I drew on small white coasters and created my own little garden along the way. They were a lovely play and I’m inspired to continue drawing on these small coaster-sized cards. It was a lovely way of connecting to flowers and sharing them on insta @ #flowerflowfridays

It is a new way to play and grow a garden online as I add flowers each Friday to the shared feed. Love you to join in and post your own flowers as you find your own flow at the end of the week.


Saturday and Sunday, July – Art Life Stories

The weekend was a blur really as I added to my art stories and a few next steps between visiting Dad and family time.

So many layers…

Week 2 and I’m a little closer with a day to go. I’m not sure if I will complete the 5 pieces (minimum) that I set out to complete. I’m happy that this intention has helped me focus on completion.

I will see where Monday takes me. I will continue my weekly posts for now as I complete this series… I do like the journal-like day breakdown as it helps me see what I have achieved in almost 2 weeks.

Enjoying a different adventure,

love and blessings,


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