Tranquility of Trees collection

In this opening of light and green, discoveries open and the world invites something new. This is where my heart can soar and beauty expands and invites something more. I often feel lost in the studio when I can’t connect to the forest and her wisdom.


Creating these pieces helps me connect to the tranquility and calm of these beautiful places where I can find those quiet spaces. This is where my soul is nourished as I step into the places that fill me up. They evolved in to diptych and triptych form as I held the connection of each of us as a tree in the forest. We are separate and yet we are one in these beautiful natural spaces.  We become whole when we recognise that we share this story.


Each piece in the ‘Tranquility of Trees’ collection develops through at least 8 layers of colour and marks that hold the story of these sacred groves that invite us in.


This small mixed media diptych is about bringing that grounded tree connection into your home and allowing the calm of nature to be part of your day.

A perfect addition to a child’s room, desk inspiration or a reading nook.

This small ready to hang mixed media art piece is painted on a 26 x 26 cm wooden panel 26 x 26,

Original work by Cheryle Bannon

Price: $280