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So glad that you found your way through the labyrinth to my joyful mixed media art home.

I’m an intuitive artist and teacher creating inspirational feminine mixed media art through personal stories, text and image. As a   heart-centered dreamer, my mission is to inspire you to connect with your inner artist soul, through the power of personal story connections and inspirational art pieces and online and in-person intuitive art workshops, SoulCollage facilitator and art mentoring.

I take you by the hand and show you how to get past the blank canvas to your own joyful creative space as you discover what it means to return to your center and step into that joyful space of allowing your creativity.

Learn to open to the guidance of your inner wise self as you create art that connects you to a joyful, healing space. Go beyond the edges of what you already know and discover the openings available through the Wild Soul Creativity Process.

Love and blessings,



I am a visual storyteller at heart and art is the playful expression that feeds my soul. My work is about connection and focus on female imagery which is a powerful and consistent source of inspiration. When I am not painting, I teach art and EAL to a highly multi-cultural group of secondary students. I am continually inspired by the amazing students I teach and my own art practice is about finding connections to enable me to navigate through all life has to offer.

I am an intuitive mixed media artist; a heart centered dreamer,and storyteller inspiring others to connect with their artist soul through simple and easily accessible techniques. I facilitate a creative, intuitive art process that guides women as they discover what it means to return to their center and find that room to breathe as they step into a joyful space of allowing space to nurture their creative flame.For me art is a spiritual practice that is about art as story, adventure and healing.

With over 30 years’ experience in teaching and studio practice, I have developed a process that I call wild soul creativity that is made up of a cycle of 5 areas of connection, play, layers, dreaming and celebration. Intuitive painting invites you to be playful and step into the creative spaces inside that are calling in this heart-centred intuitive process.

Follow Your Heart

O Beauty, serenity and dreaming.


Keep dreaming and exploring this amazing world.

Creating connecting and healing

My work is intuitive and explores the feminine which has always been central to my artistic identity as I explore connection through images, symbols and layers within my work. The images that emerge often surprise me as I open to trusting the intuitive creative process. This is an evolving process where I am open to surprises and redirection as the piece takes shape. As I consider my creations I ask myself ‘what areas do I love’ then I aim to bring the rest of the work to this same place as it is about the journey.

Art is about opening to trust and intuition as it is an inner journey where we can connect to the depth of who we really are. As an Isis Seichim and Usui Reiki practitioner and a SoulCollage facilitator, I combine these modalities and approaches to deepen healing within the art journey both within my own work and through workshops.

Artist in Residence and murals

Over the yearsI have been involved with several artist in residencies beginning with a music and life art based mural at Princess Hill High School in the late 8 that I completed with fellow artist Ben Kiels. I have been a secondary school teacher for many years and the artist in residencies were much more about being the facilitator as master artister and shifting responsbility to the students than traditional teaching in high schools.

This role also has a more community based feel that I love. It was not until the mid 2010 that I was lucky enough to explore this roll again at 2  different spaces and with 2 very different groups at Myuna Farm which In Doveton, Melbournes. All of these experiences were amazing experiences of working within a close community group

Mural highlights

There have been many other mural projects within the school settin but the highlights are the one that was selected for exhibition in the national gallery of Victoria as part of a student art  pieces selected from various schools across the state with a focus on peace. The other was a series of panels that my year 9 students created that were installed in an old people’s home in Pakenham. Love it when the work is shared and enjoyed by so many especially with the creative efforts of these young artists.

A mosaic adventure

The first arist in residencys at  Dandenong Learning Center Myuna Farm was a space for disengaged youth to help them find their way back into the school system.where I worked with a small group of young teenagers selected from across the Southern region. Together we created a totem pole decorated with mosaic tiles that was installed in the grounds of Myuna Farm.

The second artist in residency involved working with students selected from 5 different primary schools as we developed a mosaic pathway for installation next to the averies. This was a large and detailed project which required a great deal of coordination as I learnt to facilitate these younger children in a mosaic pathway with a health theme. They were both amazing learning experiences that I will never forget and highlights of my career so far.I love working in communities and the involvement and learning along the journey is wonderful.

The Lantern

She has come through the doorway into the next phase and she moves Forward…lantern light to see the path and the wolf in the background. Her companion and guide.

Keep Dancing

Dancing…allowing, flowing, believing.


I create art pieces (and other creative projects by commission! I’m open to doing all types of art and mixed media projects that link to the style of work you see on this site. If you would like a more personalized piece, feel free to contact me. If you have an idea and are unsure if it fits my portfolio please feel free to ask. I have experience in a wired range of art forms from acrylic, mixed media, small ceramic and mixed media sculptures to mosaic artist in residencies. If you have any ideas for projects you’d like me to look at and work on feel free to ask as it is always nice to dialogue with people who are interested in what you do. .I do mostly fantasy and figurative mixed media paintings focusing on the eternal feminine and images of guides and angels that aim to inspire through personal art story telling.,Commission prices are and based on materials and time spent. In fact, I love to be prompted in different directions because it helps me explore story possibilities which is when magic happens.


My work is intuitive and explores the feminine which has always been central to my artistic identity as I explore connection through images, symbols and layers within my work.

© Cheryle Bannon 2016. No works contained in this site may be reproduced without permission of the artist.

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