Nature’s Sanctuary Launch

I am excited to announce my upcoming solo show: Nature’s Sanctuary that will have the official launch on Friday 7th from 6 – 8 pm.

This is a whirlwind of opportunity as I was asked to fill a space that was a last-minute cancellation. This has meant that I am creating this event in 6 weeks. I have so many choices but I chose nature connection and the way it helps ground us when our world is out of balance.

How can we find ourselves again after the imbalance of the last few years? That is the question I began with. I knew that for me it was always nature and art. Art is my way of making meaning of whatever life hands me. It is the tool to navigate a path through. Nature is the guided connected space that inspires my art and feeds my soul.

I wonder when you last allowed yourself to relax in the moment and just be. A book on your lap and enjoy the peace of nature all around. Or perhaps a mindful space of just being within the beauty of place. These are the spaces that I am exploring in these stories of nature connection. The spaces where we feel safe, guided, and connected to the world around us. My wish is that you feel this sense of calm messy beauty holding you as you smile and wander through the art space. These are ways of holding those places where we can rest in those calm tranquil spaces in nature. As we allow the natural environment to hold us and remember our own connections.

The process of creating these artworks is intuitive and each piece is a guided collaboration with the divine. Each of these pieces is reiki infused and holds that healing energy. My desire is that each piece to feel like a blessing to you, the viewer as a way to connect to those guided natural spaces,

Solo exhibition by Chertyle Bannon

Inspired by nature




The Messy Beauty of this Connected World

After being part of the Bas Relief workshop with a group of other artists, I reconnected with my clay love. I have taught pottery for 30 years and leaving teaching meant I lost my easy ability to fire things along the way.

I took the easy way at first and used polymer clay to create these small owl pendants. They hold such a lovely energy and wearing them makes me smile. Then I got brave and stepped back into my clay work in earnest and the owl guardians evolved. It feels like they were waiting for this launch and needed to be made. The class helped remind me of the healing nature of having my hands in the earth. Working in clay added a different energy so I found myself exploring clay owl vessels and small jewelry pieces. I was inspired to find a way to reclaim this love and decided that they would fit beautifully into the Nature’s Sanctuary exhibition. The owls are whimsical and wise as they remind us of the beauty and wisdom of looking at our world from different perspectives. There is resilience and strength in this curiosity that holds a passion for learning and growth which resonates on a soul level. These pieces are in process as each one offers a different part of the story that I am growing into.

I am in discovery mode as I complete these pieces and bring this show together. It is an exciting adventure that is taking me to unexpected places.

The small blue and white pieces based on delftware connect to my personal passion for blue and white crockery and a love of small birds. My dinner set is a collection of old mismatched blue and white crockery. These were part of my exploration of reconnecting with clay and were started before I knew I would be exhibiting in July. The desire to have some small works within the show that were reminders of those nature connections made them a lovely fit for the show.

Workshop: Soul Collage®

Create Personal Guidance Cards with this easy and fun collage process. Complete the workshop as you learn intuitive journaling techniques to read your stories. Learn a simple writing process to journal deeper about your inner storyteller. Explore further as you discover how to find your personal story in any artwork. Let your inner storyteller be your guide as you reach for what calls you and create from your heart space. Follow the link to learn more about the SoulCollage® Art Card workshop.

SoulCollage® Art guidance cards

Connect, create, and read your own story with SoulCollage®a guidance cards using this fun and easy process.

Soul Collage® Art Card Workshop

During the exhibition, I will be offering a SoulCollage®. I am a trained facilitator of this beautiful collage process that is taught throughout the world. Learn to create your own unique guidance cards as you access your inner storyteller. Connect to your intuitive voice through collage art and journaling.

This 2-hour introductory workshop will be held on Saturday 22nd July from 11-1. You will receive a kit to use to continue creating your SoulCollage® deck as you explore this connected process.

I have adapted this process so that you can read any artwork or image that you are particularly drawn to.

Play, connect, and explore as you allow those heart stories to flow through intuitive connections.  Follow the link to read more details about this guided personal storytelling process with this introductory SoulCollage® workshop.



Artist Talks

I will be at the gallery each Saturday in July and will be setting an official artist talk date. If you would like to connect, I would love to see you. I will be sharing informal storytelling through art for those who are interested in learning more about how to connect to your personal stories within the art that you love. Connect on Instagram for more updates or message me with any questions. I do love starting new story conversations and sharing ways to connect that are heart-centered.

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