Gathering stories through art is about meaning-making and connection to those guided spaces.

This 75 cm round canvas mixed media acrylic painting is a story of those places that make us feel alive.

As I painted the next layer and chose to focus on the background, I shifted into the flow. The dots in the sky formed and the large tree to the left side of the painting took on a life of their own. The guiding voice in my head whispered this is where the magic happens. I do love it when I let go and fully lean into that intuitive trust. And then the moment you step back and realise that something has shifted. This piece felt like that.

There is a feeling of possibilities in this moonlit space as the energy of the evening light fills the space. The large tree to the left curves inwards as it shelters this owl family, The gathering light flows in a gentle embrace. The young owlet looks outwards with confidence with the safety and nurture of the nearby parents.

For me, every piece of artwork is an opening to different parts of my own story. As you come to view the art it will reflect part of your own story to you.

The photo below is after a long day of setting up…tired and happy with the flow of the exhibition and so grateful to Andrea and the Space2b team.


Art Story Journaling

For me, every piece of artwork is an opening to different parts of my own story. As you come to view the art it will reflect part of your own story to you.

The question I ask myself as I view mine or any other art piece is what part of the image is calling to me right now.  At this moment I am drawn to the dots of blue in the sky between the owl and the tree. The fine dots near the overhanging branches and the finer dots above the owl’s head. For me, this is about the energy of connection and the life in the environment that energizes me. I imagine becoming that part of the artwork and writing the story…


So many stories to share…and people to connect to in community in this lovely little art space in St Kilda in Melbourne. Sharing these stories of guidance and well-being is about connecting to those guided spaces that ground and support us. These are healing stories where we find our resilience waiting for us. Stories are full of symbols that are layered imagined worlds. The landscapes and figures form as intuitive flow.

Story connections

As I explore who I am today my story shifts with each new adventure. I love the idea that we all live storied lives. It is the sense of the layers of stories that shape us just as the layers of paint shape the images on the canvas.


I am the one who dances in                                the shadows light                                                  finding brightness there.                                                                                                                     The gentle play of light                                         vibrating beyond the edges                                  in this sacred place.                                                  

Beginnings shining through                        outstretched branches                                        offering grace.                                                           

Round flowing full moon                                      cradling nature’s sanctuary                                nurturing connected spaces                

Gathering stories                                            sharing bright moments                                       of connected flow.

The poem above is the start of my connection to this artwork. I could connect to a new story tomorrow. This story really connects to the exhibition. I do love the way that living with an artwork gives you the opportunity to connect to different parts of your evolving story through time. The SoulCollage® workshop is an entry into personal art storytelling that is about intuitive, easy, and mindful connections. It is tapping into that inner wisdom that is your soul-guiding place. This is such an easy way to tap into your intuition and learn ways to connect to those inside stories that are nourishing and supportive through collage art and journaling.

So many stories to explore and connect with to discover more of those natural spaces that are bright uplifting mindful places.


Share and Enjoy !