Stepping into this new story of sharing nature art stories is an adventure. These new artworks are all about connecting to those bright guided spaces that are nurturing and supportive. Art story sharing is such a personal thing and it is always a little scary as you put yourself out there on show. At the same time, it is exciting and so full of possibilities. 


So many stories to share…and people to connect to in community in this lovely little art space in St Kilda in Melbourne. Sharing these stories of guidance and well-being is about connecting to those guided spaces that ground and support us. These are healing stories where we find our resilience waiting for us. Stories are full of symbols that are layered imagined worlds. The landscapes and figures form as intuitive flow.


A zine is a small booklet made from one folded piece of paper. The word sine comes from the word magazine.

I decided to create 2 story panels and developed them into these small giftable booklets with envelopes that hold these small connection stories. 

There are 2 connected story displays of 8 small artworks painted on handmade paper with beautiful deckled edges. Each piece is  18 x 33 cm painted on handmade paper and float double-mounted in a wooden 37 x 43cm frame. 


The exhibition came together so quickly. Don’t you love it when opportunities knock and you answer? So many moving parts have meant that I haven’t finished all I would have liked to in a perfect world. It is that wabi-sabi – beauty in imperfection – as I choose what steps I needed to do to share these stories.

One of the big tasks that I didn’t have time to complete was my write-ups of these art stories of nature and those guided spaces of sanctuary that strengthen and renew us. Everything happens for a reason so I am writing my art stories as posts first and will add them to a gallery page here as well as the in-person Space2b Artspace. 

I’m excited to share these stories and there are so many more. I am still in the process of finalising the zines for opening night this Friday 7th July at Space2b Artspace from 6-8. 

More stories to come as the month of art sharing evolves. Enjoy your own evolving stories as you connect to the beauty of our world.


Share and Enjoy !