This year has been a rollercoaster of new ideas but the one constant is my desire, to begin with, intention, and allow the playful beginning layers. I have been creating so many different things and they all navigate back to nature and connection. This is a layered process that starts with play and becomes the image that evolves through the layers of color, contrast, and marks. I am a messy creative and there is so much joy within the play of connecting with my inner child and allowing my heart to lead the way as I hold the hand of my muse on one side and my inner child on the other and set off for the next adventure.

Intuitive art is a process


As I begin a painting my choice is to settle into the sacred creative space with a few heart breathes as I set my intentions and light a candle for each one.

3 intentions

  1. An intention to play as I breathe into my heart
  2. Focusing on a feeling intention to guide the art process
  3. An intention to trust as I invite guidance and connect to the muse

Follow your heart

Moonlight symphony close up

My intention when I begin with a blank canvas is to play and then I add a feeling intention which at this stage is often flow and joy. Within the playful heart, is where the magic lives. I choose the feeling energy of the evolving art piece as a container for the process.

This is an intuitive process as marks flow onto the page as child-like play and trust as I begin to play, I am guided by 3 questions that are all about listening to the voice of my inner guidance and following my heart.

3 questions

Her Garden Blooms
  1. What do I love?
  2. What different thing could I add?
  3. What do I want next?

The first layer is often messy and chaotic as I lay a dark contrasted ground with words that feel perfect for the piece I’m intending. When I am creating from this playful heart space, there are no rules to follow. This is the magic and freedom of exploring from that sense of openness and expansiveness of your inner child. That permission to let go and find the freedom that is being in the moment of creating is about finding joy in the moment and being present to what is unfolding is magical.

Playfully Learning

I have explored working /playing on a white background and a black background and feel that I like a beginning point (first layer) where at least half my background is black. This creates new possibilities for lovely contrast as the layers grow. For now, this feels good as I continue exploring and seeing where the process leads me.

Art, Life, Flow

Art and life are an integrated flow and whatever your life-art is, I wonder how it has shifted and grown over the past year.  Do you have a way of beginning that creates flow? For me, I feel like I’m just beginning to shape what my days look like, and claiming my intentions is a place to step into the power of naming.

I wonder what has evolved for you as the year has progressed? Creativity and what is our individual art can be anything, gardening, the way you arrange your space, cooking, or any moment of completely being present as you create something that shares a part of your energy with those around you.

How do you move forward in your own creative spaces in art and life?

There are so many wondering and ways to explore…learning every moment as I follow this guided path and learn to trust more each day. Wishing you flow and focus as you explore your own playful spaces to begin and discover the adventure of creating your world.

love and blessings,



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