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Create a Story

October 21, 2017

Creat a Story Workshop

Let’s Create a story...

An invitation to connect and play…

Cheryle Bannon yellow flowersWe are our stories but often we are living on autopilot and forget to connect with our inner wisdom and the heart stories that shape our world. You have so many stories that make you who you are. Let’s find your stories together and create art in images and words that help you step into those guided spaces that bring a sense of balance and wholeness back into your life. This is that place where joy lives and that flow of living your heart story lives. Would you like to know how to achieve a more balanced life where you can enjoy spaces that nourish your soul and feel energised by the experience of being in a state of flow?  In this workshop, you will discover tools and strategies that allow you spaces to connect with your personal stories through images and words. This intuitive art process is a heart-centred approach that will help you find the balance you desire as you connect to your own unique stories and create your world

You are the Storyteller

We are all the storytellers of our own lives as we choose the stories that shape our world. This course is about finding your unique stories and painting the stories as you heal, nourish and balance your creative soul. This is a heartfelt approach that is about finding space and the freedom to reconnect to your inner guidance. Using a playful intuitive approach that combines images, text and personal symbols you are free to play with colour, paint, collage and a variety of mixed media art supplies as your images take form. Be completely open to what emerges onto your canvas as you follow your heart and trust your inner guidance. Learn art processes and intuitive techniques as you connect to your inner stories and create your unique story art painting and poem.

Connect with your intuition and those inner stories that shape and guide us through playful layers of images and text. Open to trust your inner wisdom and be guided as you listen to your intuition and let your artist storyteller play. We all hold so many stories within that are waiting to be told as you connect with your story voice and find your inner storyteller.

3 hour  Person Art Workshop

Join intuitive artist Cheryle Bannon, professional visual artist, and share in a full-day workshop in her home studio.  Explore and create personal stories through art images, words marks collage and a variety of mixed media elements. We will step into our stories through the colourful mixed media process of intuitive painting as we create a story that is personal and uniquely you. Be inspired as you connect to your inner wisdom and create your story using simple tools and materials in a heart-centred, guide process.
There is a limit of 5 participants that ensures quality one on one tuition and hands-on support.

Connect to your art stories

Soul dreaming

Who is this for

The is for people who want to connect to that creative art-making space but haven’t for a long time or have never painted before.  This will inspire you if you are feeling blocked and want fresh ideas whether you are a beginner or more ex[erienced artist to loosen up and explore another approach. You may love stories and want another way of exploring your own inner storyteller as you connect with your unique stories. If you are looking for a course to reignite your creativity then let’s Create a story’ together and find new spaces for joyful connection and art play in your life.

You deserve the time and space to create again and look after yourself. Self-care is central to being the best version of you in all areas of your life and you deserve time to replenish and find your way back to you. No matter how busy the world gets, remember to care for your soul and fill your own cup so you can be more balanced and connected when you return to the responsibilities that shape your outer world stories.
This course is about painting your story as you heal and balancing your creative soul. As we remove blocks and reconnect to our inner spaces, we begin to listen to the intuitive guidance more often and when we do we find ourselves in a place of flow as we live our heart stories.


What stories will you create?

As you create a story painting with image and text you will explore easy beginning spaces through a layered process that is guided and will develop tools and strategies that you can use in your art and life again and again.  You will use some basic composition techniques as you explore balance, contrast and colour as you add each layer as you find

Learn basic composition techniques as you explore balance, contrast, and colour as you add each layer as you find the freedom to play through colour,  paint, and mixed media layers. Completely open to what emerges onto our canvas and trust that your story is unfolding with each new layer. Every layer is an act of letting go and choosing the next thing that moves you towards your story and what you love.

In the last part of the workshop, learn the basics of the Art Inside-Out process where you will suspend disbelief and step into your story and write from inside your own story. This powerful connected process that I developed combines ‘I am’ poem sentences that have developed through my experience as a SoulCollage® facilitator and an Art, English and EAL teacher. Discover ways to use some basic composition techniques as you explore balance, This process can be used with your own art and other people’s art as every art piece that you are attracted to holds part of your story.

Let’s create your story through a joyful intuitive process that is easy to learn and apply to your own art spaces. Listen to your intuition and trust the process as your story unfolds and you will be pleasantly surprised by the images that emerge.

Exploring your story: through image, words, and symbols

  • Art, mindfulness, and intentionLet's Create a story
  • Blank canvas joy: create mixed layers using acrylic paint, collage, text and a variety of other mixed media materials
  • Connect and discover: Explore your personal symbols as you layer and play
  • Text and image: Automatic writing and stream of consciousness
    Texture, collage, and cloth: more luscious layers to add to the energy and depth of your painting.
  • Colour contrast love: drip, brush spray, and stencil layers
    Cloud dreaming game: trusting the story as it unfolds as you step in and out
  • Blocking in shapes: gesso play to define your story images
    Details and contrast: Adding darks, lights, and contrast to make the Images pop
  • What I love: look for what you love and let the story grow.
  • Details dots dashes: this is the space to add the finishing details as you develop the story details
  • Words and image: add what you love and add text if desired
  • Art Inside-Out: Step into your painting and create your personal story poem
  • Naming, celebrating and sharing

What you will receive

  • Tuition, inspiration, and guidance
    • Notes with instructions so you can explore more stories at home
    • Understanding of intention setting and the automatic writing process
    • Mindfulness and heart connection
    • step by step demonstrations
    • Create your own unique completed 61 x 61 story canvas painting
    • Create your own Art Inside-Out art story poem
    • Starting points for your next art story adventure
    • strategies and processes for your artist toolkit
  • artist resource pack


 Materials you will need.

  • All art materials and canvas are supplied.
  • BYO lunch or join us for a social lunch break at a local cafe
  • Bring some images of things that you love and may like to include in your story. I will provide some images but personal images are a great inspiration. If you want an image of you in the painting, then bring in an A4 image of you to collage into your story.
  • Bring along any of your own favourite supplies that you would love to include
  • If you have some old magazines at home, please bring them along to share.
  • If you have a love of a particular animal, bring in some images for inspiration
  • A mobile phone or iPad
  • Clothes that you can get messy and play in.

Your heart storiesThis full-day Workshop adventure into your unique art stories(6 1/2 hours)! Learn colour mixing, acrylic painting, layering, mixed media techniques, mark-making, personal symbols basic composition techniques & how to create an art story with images and words…

The workshop full-day workshop starts at 9.30 and finishes at4 pm. Share my beautiful backyard studio in Carnegie, Melbourne, as we explore and create a story unique to you. Final details sent on registration.

Say yes to a creative, adventure and join me in this intuitive art workshop:

Connect: Find out moreConnect

To find out more comment below or email me @cherylebannon@gmail.com
This half-day event workshop package is available as a half-day workshop held at Cheryle Bannon Studio in Carnegie or can be bought to you. Together we will explore our inner stories and create using a mixed media process, intuitive journaling and story circle sharing. This is a small intimate group where we can explore and express our stories in a creative space.

Come along, bring a friend and be open to discovering your story through this guided intuitive art process as you connect, and step into your unique story through art and text.

Contact and questions?

Share and add comments and questions below.

Love and blessings



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