Seeking like-minded artists souls to explore, play and connect…


We are all artists, sometimes we forget and feel the rainbow has faded but believe me you are brighter than ever.

Cheryle Bannon will be your guide on this adventure into art, storytelling, and spirit.

Are you feeling that it is all too hard and that you simply do not know where to begin even if you know in your heart that you need to create? You work and work and there seems to be little time for you and caring for your own needs. It seems normal to give to others and leave your own needs until last but it gets tiring. Somehow the world seems out of balance because you’re using up most of your energy caring for others and there is so little left for you and the rest of your life? There comes a time when you need to take care of you so that you have the energy for all that needs to be done in the other areas of your life. Art has a way of taking you away into that space where you can return to your center and find your balance. It is a sacred space where mindfulness waits and you can escape for awhile and begin to breathe again. Art can be isolating and we are social beings and want to share our adventures as we learn and grow together. I love creating on my own but those time when I share my space with other artist’s souls are magical as we share our discoveries. Sharing this creative space in circle is a special connection that is transformative and we become stronger together.Biz and Life SDCMaybe you wish you could be part of a small, nurturing group where you could share your growth and discoveries and in turn, support each other?  The circle is waiting for you to connect and grow together. It is time to step into that spiritual art adventure that is waiting and you as part of the Artist’s Soul Women’s Circle. You are invited to join a small group of 6 women as we share in circle and create through beautiful, connected intuitive processes. Intuitive art is all about the process and the journey that we take to get to that place where we feel complete. A circle is a space to grow together as we learn to trust and connect with our inner wisdom and paint and create a guided space.

The Artist’s Soul Discovery Circle is a safe, supported space to connect, heal and grow within a shared space of trust and growth as we hold each other in circle and grow as individuals and part of a spiritual creative clan.

Our Circle is for you if you are

  • Spiritual and want to explore your sacred Self more deeply

  • Want to develop your intuition

  • Learn how to create intuitive art

  • Creative, and want to discover mixed media

  • Seeking inspiration from like-minded artist’s souls

  • Willing to learn, grow and share together

  • Intend to attend the Artist’s Soul Discovery Circles regularly

Look with wonder quote

What you gain

This Artist’s Soul Discovery Circle is a shared adventure in paint, color, joyful medium and discoveries along the way. Circles will be hosted monthly on the fourth Tuesday of the month except for within school holidays where time will be negotiated with the person at Cheryle Bannon’s studio in metro Melbourne. You’ll be immersed in spiritual art-focused processes, which will help you connect more deeply through heart connected art processes. And when this experience comes to its close,  you’ll leave with

  • Spiritual and art growth
  • Greater balance and flow in your life and a space for art
  • Self-empowerment and a deeper commitment to self-care
  • Supportive relationships within our Artist’s Soul Circle sisterhood
  • Art pieces to inspire your soul as you continue your adventure
  • Enhanced intuition

What it looks like

Our first circle will be about sharing and discovering who we will share this adventure with. We will decide on the needs of the group and discuss guidelines so the group has a clear intention as we move into our creative spiritual art processes and new adventures. Each session will have a basic structure and theme which may vary according to the needs of the group.

artists soul

The intended flow of each circle is:

  • Welcoming – opening the circle
  • Meditation – heart breath to set the desired energy for the Circle
  • Intentions bowl and guidance cards for the session
  • Playtime in your complimentary Artist’s Soul DiscoveryPlayBook*, connecting you to your soul path as you grow your artist’s toolkit
  • A women’s circle for sharing and connecting to inner wisdom and support, in a space of guidance trust and play.
  • Sharing connecting time
  • Circle closing

* Our intention is for each woman to create and grow your artist’s soul connections as you explore art through a shared spiritual adventure. We will regularly work on the Soul Discovery PlayBook throughout the experience (and beyond) using art and other processes to connect with Self more deeply. This PlayBook is a place to hold your creative journey as you seek balance in life and find space for art as part of your life balance and spiritual practice.

And from this beautiful Discovery Circle, you’ll receive

  • Membership of a private dedicated Facebook group so you can connect, share, and give and receive support throughout the Artist’s Soul Discovery Circle journey
  • The gift of our Biz and Life Soul Discovery PlayBook, to vision your path which will continue to grow with you beyond the life of this Circle
  • All basic art supplies are included 😊)-larger canvases and specialty products can be ordered through me.
  • Practical, repeatable inspired actions that you can use again and again
  • Ongoing art activities that you can explore in the month between circles
  • PDFs and workbooks to support your artist soul as you explore
  • A Circle of women to grow with as you shape your art, intuition, spiritual path and develop a more balanced life.
  • Spiritual intuitive artist, Cheryle Bannon to mentor you and share your discoveries as we celebrate together as sisters.

The Artis’s Soul Discovery Circle is an adventure in art and storytelling that sets you free to explore creative spaces and listen to your soul’s voice.

Now for the finer details!

Dates: commencing Tuesday 24th April 2018 and continuing on the 4th Tuesday evening of the month  thereafter. This is an ongoing class as we grow together and will run throughout the year.

  • Tuesday 24th April
  • Tuesday 22nd May
  • Tuesday 26th June
  • etc…

Your Investment: As this is our inaugural Artist’s Soul Discovery Circle I am seeking your input into its development, your investment will only be $135.00 for a block of 3 circles if paid upfront before the start of the Circle on 24th April.

Cost: $120 for 3 circles


$45 if paid on the night.

Each circle is 2.5 hours and runs from 6.30-9 pm,

A full refund will be available for the first 30 days only if you feel the group is not for you.Email me t

Book an expression of Interest Clarity Call booking for more information and join this creative circle as you explore your inner wisdom and connect with your artist’s soul.


We so look forward to your contact xx