Unicorns and change

Unicorns: imagine a world

Imagination, art and healing.

I love the understanding of art as a space of change and transformation that connects us to that sense of the divine. This guiding energy that helps us take that leap into our possibilities, surrounding us and connecting us to our inner wise self and reminding us that we hold so many stories within ourselves. The appearance of a unicorn always seems to have arrived in my life during periods of change and this magical inner connection to this unicorn story reminds me to trust as I leap into new spaces in my own story.

Imagination is a gift.

The imagination is a gift that heals us as we express our world through so many forms of art. Painting images of angels, spirit and animal guides, unicorns and women who feel in the flow and connectedI. I love the sense of intuition as something we carry with us like the doll in the traditional Baba Yaga story in Women Who Run with the wolves.

Finding balance

My story is currently one of finding balance and exploring how to make sense of my changing world. I have been doing a healing meditation everyday to heal my broken wrist …a message to slow down and find my inner balance. It is a beautiful visualisation by Kelly Howell but the other day rather than walking along the path to a golden bridge, I found myself riding on the back of a white unicorn. It has been many years since the unicorn guide has shown up in my dreams, meditations and paintings but it was a surprise filled with magic and possibilities.

The idea of a unicorn

We all have an idea of what a unicorn looks like and what our personal unicorn story looks like. A unicorn is our unique vision of something magical and impossible that appears in our world. Unicorns are magic and they appear in our personal stories to heal and remind us of how unique we are. My unicorn has never had a beard as the older traditional images of a unicorn did. The images above were about the fascination with the women and unicorn image and I know that I was akways the woman in these earlier paintings.

Wonderings and questions

The unicorn that appeared in my recent meditations was clearly me. You know what part of your inner imagery is you intuitively. I have always found that when I’m not sure of the meaning of an image that all I need to do is ask  and my inner guidance always gives me an answer to my questions. That is why I love questions so much. There are definite subconscious links to Seth Godin and his story of a unicorn in a ballon factory. This is such a clear image and I really do relate to the idea it portrays. Somehow the idea of fitting in was never really an option. I can hear the balloons popping and know that I am shifting something. Art is like that…it changes you and asks you to see the world through fresh eyes. All the little details come to life when you begin to question why and what you are doing.

Magic and Unicorns

I do prefer the magic of being a unicorn in a ballon factory to that of a bull in a China shop though..my star sign is Taurus. The bull seems like it wants the distraction where as the unicorn seems to be out of place. Isn’t that the story we all carry. We are looking for the spaces that we fit into rather than trying to fit into the world we seem to be places in. Of course the unicorn horn is magical and purifies water and heals with a touch and thatbis definitly the energy I need right now.

Stories and messages

The unicorn that has come into my world today is me and has a different energy. I love the way our stories change over time. An image that has personal meaning may appear at different stages of your life but it’s significance and message changes. Stories that come into our lives always carry a message for us and are a way of connecting to our own inner guidance. Some images have the power of personal symbols that repeat at different points in our lives as our stories evolve through time.

I am in a space where I am focusing on my art full time and so I am the unicorn shaping myself into that unique part of me. There is a message and a reminder to trust the universe when any magical creature appears.


I wonder what  magic you are noticing in your own life. Are there any personal symbols that are coming back into your life? If you were to choose a magical/mythical creature as a spirit guide, what would you choose?

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