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Everyone loves a story

A full heart

My heart feels full when I go on art adventures and explore stories. Intuitive art takes me to so many unexpected places; finding lots of joyful surprises along the way. Sometimes the stories are hard or painful but they are there to teach us things we have forgotten or lost along the way. The messages come from our heart wisdom and are healing as we paint our way through to the light and that release.

I'm exploring art and stories as I prepare for my Create a Story Workshop in the 21st of October. Really feeling the need for more connection and the healing art brings when the world outside feels a bit crazy. With everything that is happening in the world we could all do with more of those mindful inner spaces that heal our soul. I hope you are finding spaces to be in the moment today and enjoy the glorious spring sunshine. Find out more about how to create a story: intuitive painting workshop as we explore stories through playful mixed media techniques and write our own story poems.

Posted by Cheryle Bannon Art on Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Images and word play

Then there is the play of art story poems. This is the space where I get to become my story and experience it from the inside out, This is a deeply connected pkace where the inner wise self reveals what I need to hear. If the story is not supportive and loving, then I always know I am in my head and my ne’er critic has come to visit. I ask myself the simple question ‘What would my heart say?’ and I am back inside my heart where I know the loving guidance lives.

Intuirive art is a beautifully responsive process that is healing and connects us to those inner stories through words and images. As  I write, I am finding it hard to seperate the 2… in fact I know that it would be impossible. The words in my head intermix with the images and playfully combine. I’ve learnt to trust this connected space of word and image play.

Inner Spaces

A canvas can be a field of words roaming across a sea of white. This is the beginning of a story, Whether anyone else ever sees the words is not important. The thing is that the words hold the intention for the story that is emerging from the space inside where you have held it for so long. There is a beautiful release in this process. I know that art is a powerful tool for healing. As you write from those hidden places inside, you let go through the words. The paint that covers the words or leaves partial glimpses is letting go and allowing something new to emerge.

Intuitive art Workshop photo

Intuitive art workshop

A workshop is a lovely way to start exploring these intuitive spaces as you share your adventure with other artistic souls. I like to think of these days as play dates that have a way of creating space within when the world outside feels so busy. When we are creating, we become present in the moment and time seems irrelevant.

Finding Connection

I hope you find a way to let out the words inside that want to become something new. The words can be written or spoken but they are part of what forms your inner landscape. I am highly visual and it took me awhile to find the words but now that I have I realise the joy in the juxtaposition. Words have a way of supporting me as I discover the spaces within my world and can lead me to understanding. Often,  I can’t find the words without finding my inner imagery first and there is the lovely sense of making meaning through the connection between them.

paintings by Cheryle Bannon

So many stories evolving through this joyful,intuitive art process.

The words

There may be many times when no words are visible on the canvas as they are hidden in layers of paintbor the words evolve after the painting is complete as I write from that space inside the art piece to create a story poem that reveals parts of me that I had forgotten or lost or sometimes the words that flow from the imagery are reminders. Sometimes I discover something new but whatever story emerges helps me become more of who I truly am.

The painting space is a space of being present and allowing the words and images to flow through you. I often do not know why a story has appeared until after I give words to the story. The art imagery and words are feeling spaces and so I have learnt to flow within the feelings and let intuition guide me. This is about self trust, connection and a joyful, playful process that paints your soul stories.

Create a story

Everyone loves a story

Join me for a full day adventure : ‘Create a Story: Intuitive painting Workshop at Moorabbin Artshed in Melbourne. Connect with your own stories and write a story poem from your own art.

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