Love a good story

Art is change and filled with so many stories and I do love a good story. Of course everything we do holds a story but how we engage with our own stories is through the choices we make. I wonder what stories you are holding and how you will tell them and I wonder what the next chapter may hold for you.

I choose to tell my stories through layered mixed media acrylic paintings or whatever else inspires me in the moment. A black bird can create the most delightful marks in a page and is a lovely place to start exploring. Every painting I do holds so many stories and opens me to new worlds. It is about that moment of trust and following the story until it feels complete.  Art is always a story that draws me in and encourages me to explore all the luscious details and then to step into all the possibilities of the evolving art work. There is something about the fact that I can always choose again and add new layers and new story elements that truly excites me.

Stepping into the art story.

Paint dragged, dropped and brushed across a canvas lights me up. Adding layers of collage papers, lace, tissue or whatever else calls to me as these new elements to add texture and depth and spark new directions. Words are often embedded in the layers as part of a playful way to set down my intention for this painting adventure. The story will tell itself as it comes through me and when it finds a new home, the art story grows with all the other voices that are added to it, I picture the image of Robyn Williams in ‘What Dreams May Come’, stepping into a painted landscape and becoming part of the painting. That is the feeling…the feeling if recognition and something tangible even as you reach towards it.

We ar all full of so many stories and it is our choice how we bring them into the world. I choose to use paint, collage, words and lots of mixed media possibilities. I want to step into my paintings and explore the stories I create so that is now part of what I do and what I teach in the Wild Soul Creativity Process. If you are curious about how to step into your own paintings or the ones that call to you then download the intuitive conversations freebie and begin exploring your own intuitive wisdom and the art stories that are waiting for you.

Of course art is all about feelings so the adventure begins with trusting the tale and allowing it to unfurl and become through so many layers and redirections. Finally a point of completion is reached but who knows, in a week or a month, I may feel that the story holds another chapter and then I continue and the next adventure takes me to new places.

I love the way art is full of so many surprises and new understandings. It does not travel a straight line but twists and turns as it forms into  something new. Art is not predictable…well should I say intuitive art is not predictable, some approaches rely on a pattern to create an image but that doesn’t fit with my process. I need to feel the idea and allow it to take form organically and the idea itself becomes the opening to that something more in the art piece.

With each painting I am learning to trust more and follow where my intuition leads. Time often reshapes my perspective and so the story continues. This is a glimpse about how my layered spiritual intuitive art process works and how an adventure unfolds. There are so many directions and redirections that this adventure can take you in that the challenge is to remain open to the whispered guidance and continue to take heart centered actions.

Angel and owl.

Here I am again at the easel making big shifts to a painting that I seem to keep coming back to. It has had several points where I felt like it was finished. I know that each time I felt complete but I also know I keep changing, learning and growing so naturally my art needs to evolve with me. Each stage had areas I loved and wanted to keep but then I let go and shifted as I continued to build the layers. I know I’ve list the angle of the head from the earlier images and their was something I loved in this connection. I always wonder when I should stop but love the memory captures in the photographs as it holds the earlier story pieces. Now the current final piece feels done and she is ready to share. I had not shared her on my website yet which surprised me but now she is ready to greet the world.

Intuitive art is like that as it is not about a realistic image but the ideas that form on the page or canvas, intuitive art. Is an adventure and I will keep following the story as it evolves with me. That is one of the things I love about art …it never stops teaching me and ii change with it over time. Time is funny like that as it changes our perceptions as we grow into a new space. Of course art is all about perception and connection so it is no surprise that it keeps shifting as all relationships do as we grow and change. She is strong yet still holds a sense of fragility as she moves forward with her whimsical owl companion who is that voice innocence and truth.


I am the one who walks in guided light
My hearts companion rests in whispered wisdom
The light surrounds me and I am safe
For I am the one who knows
That wisdomd path is always shared
And we are never alone

Angel and owl

Which way should I go…?

This owl and angel piece initially came into being incredibly quickly and I totally loved it. The question I always ask myself when looking at my art is ‘What do I love?’ This is a great way to connect with the knowing of wether a piece is complete and is a way of checking in. Once I recognise what I love, I am guided to adding more in the other areas so I can bring the piece to a place that feels whole and complete.

What we notice in life and in art depends on where we are at any given point in time. What I create today will be very different from what I create in 6 months but it will still hold the essence of the uniqueness that is me. The question is always which way should I go and where is my next adventure taking me. Like Alice I am forever curios and wondering which direction to take. We all want the answers but it is nice to be reminded that it doesn’t really matter which way we go. It is the action of choosing a direction and moving forward that invites possibilities.

Which way?

What do you love?

I know I love a story…doesn’t everyone and as I paint I love the fact that I can see a story forming on the canvas in front of me. This is intuitive art so I don’t  know the ending and I really do have to trust that the process will lead me wherever the story needs to go. Trust is one of the biggest learning ps along the way as it really is about letting go and allowing.

I create stories when I paint and consider myself a story teller. Part of the process of creating these pieces is to  step into the story image and receiving the message it holds. Of course all good stories teach us something and every painting holds a gift for us to receive.

Trust and action

I’m back painting the angel and know that to do what I want I have to work over areas that I love. I know that I don’t love the piece as a whole anymore so I need to take actions. This is about trusting my inner guidance and letting go of parts and asking the universe ‘what if…?’ I keep asking questions and listening for guidance and then somehow the story seems o take over and I am guided to the next step and the next.

It is time to take action so I trust and change the wings first; lowering them and adding paynes grey for contrast. Then I know the face is not quite there so I add more layers and redefine it and each layer is another point of letting go. There are so many layers that make up the energy in this piece and I know the energy will keep building with each new layer I add. I pause, let go, listen and trust as I add. There is always this small whisper of what if I wreck it but I’ve learnt to make friends with the fear as I keep adding the new story to the old and create something new.

So many stories

Every stage of creating an art piece is a story of becoming and I keep playing with the narrative. This whimsical owl companion sits on the shoulder of this radiant angel as she glances over. There is a slight hesitancy within her gaze but the owl is sure and holds a sense of innocent wisdom. There is a feeling of magic beneath these outstretched sheltering wings.
I wonder at the innocence of the owl and how they met and I love uncovering the story connections that emerge as the painting develops.

 Exhibition: A wonderful experience.

It was a great experince to share with so many Melbourne artists and the friends who supported me on the night. It was an adventure as I steadily worked on completing pieces for the RAW Next showcase on August 24th 2017.

Intuitive Mixed Media Art Workshop

Create a Story flyerMy next adventure is my Create a Story: Intuitive painting workshop at the Artshed in Moorabbin, Melbourne. I do lovesharing the joy of creating stories through art and words. Such a playful and guided process that creates wonderful results for people at any age or skill levle. Exploring our world through intuitive processes and connectoing with our stories and all the discoveries along the way is where the joy lives.

Love you to join me for this full day art adventure into story through images and words.



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