Joyful Expression


Self expression, joy and flow.

Spirit Doll

She is complete with all the extras and depth of symbolism. This spirit doll is self expression. She is the space of inner knowing as she rejoices in her own power. The blue-greens swirl around her as she raises her arms in celebration. The various turquoise stones are protection on her journey. The copper spirals are sacred to the Goddess as copper is her meal. The tree of life rests on her crown chakra with a turqoise seed hanging over her third eye. She is layered with Isis Seichem healing energy as she gently flows in her world. The lace and natural motifs cover her garments as she is one with nature. The purple ribbon symbolises her opening to higher energies. She carries her stories wrapped within the layers of her becoming as she raises her arms in joyful gratitude.


Spirals, raven black hair and flowing robes …back view.






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