Enjoy on a cold winters night.

Enjoy on a cold winters night.

I adapted a couple of my favourite ideas to create a wonderful pumpkin soup. The basic ingredients are nice but it was the roasting of the vegetables that made this soup stand out. It is about keeping it simple and quick.
3/4 jap pumpkin cut into large flat wedges with skin on
Olive oil
2 red capsicums cut into slabs
I sweet potato peeled and cut into large chunks
1 hand of garlic
2 generous tablespoons of Thai red curry paste
3 Spanish onions diced
1 bunch of coriander including roots
I can coconut cream
Approximately 2 cups of water
1- 2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce (secret ingredient)
Natural yoghurt

Heat oven to approximately 220 degrees and put a generous layer olive oil on each on each tray to heat.
Place the cut sections of pumpkin, red capsicums and sweet potato on a single layer on the pre heated trays to roast.
Cut the top section off the hand of garlic to revile the tops of the cloves and place on tray and drizzle extra olive oil into the hand to cover the cloves.
Roast until soft, turning once during cooking.
While this is cooking, you can dice the onions and cut the roots off of the bunch of coriander, wash and dice finely.
Wash the rest of the coriander and chop finely. Place in a lidded container to use as a soup garnish
Now you need to wait for the pumpkin so go and have a cuppa and a book orpaint a picture etc.
When the vegetables have roasted remove them from the oven and place into a bowl to cool slightly before cutting the skin off the now soft pumpkin.
Squeeze the garlic hand from the base so the roasted garlic pulp is squeezed out and added to the roasted vegetables. Add the Worcestershire sauce.
Fry the onions, finely diced coriander root and 2 dessert spoons of red curry paste in a couple of tablespoons of olive oil until the onions are cooked.
Add to the roasted vegetables and blend with a stick blender until smooth.
Place back into the saucepan and heat through adding water and heat through. Then add the coconut cream. If there is not enough liquid it will act like a mini lava pool…so if this happens add a bit more water until you are happy with the consistency. Soup does become quite an individual preference.
To serve ladle soup into a bowl. Add a dollop of natural yoghurt and a sprinkling of fresh chopped coriander and enjoy.


I have a fussy daughter , who does not like capsicum, I replaced the capsicum with a can of tinned tomatoes. This was a bit richer in taste but a good variation.


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