Small things

This piece is a small 10  x 13.5 cm wall piece. I am at a point of seeing what is possible with this medium. I have embedded a small shell and 2 crystals. She is one of my earth spirits. I tried including muslin but not obvious. She is mounted on a small piece of wood. She is the starting experimentation for a a series of small earth spirit busts on stands. I want the colour to be limited but am not sure to what degree at this point. I like the warm cool contrast with the crystal stones and the hummingbird. She was fun to make and I am enjoying the possibilities of oven baked clay and it’s different nature to traditional clay. Small is fun and I can embed objects in a way that is not possible with traditional clay as the objects would just burn away. I want to include coper due to its symbolic feminine associations and some gold thread…

Earth spirit and possibilities.

Earth spirit and possibilities.

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