Creative alternatives

I know I was frustrated as I went for the phone but didn’t expect to end up on the floor. Of course it was my right ankle and in the past it has always tended to be my left. They say that the right side is about making things happen in the world. I am usually focused on the inner world ( just wrote inner wolf…how appropriate) with art and intuition and this is my learning curve. One could say my world was out of balance. I so wanted to be in the studio but accidents and interruptions changed the direction of my day. I guess the lesson is to slow down and trust my body knows what I need and sometimes it simply says ‘stop.’


Painting was out of the question as I tend to be fairly active when I paint and I really needed to sit still so I could rest the ice pack on my ankle. I wanted to complete a painting but my ankle was too sore to sit at the desk. I needed to think differently and I didn’t want to be on a screen all day and I wanted to sleep…pain does that.. How could I balance what I wanted to do and what was possible in the moment. So I sat on the floor with images scattered all around me selecting images for my boutique jewellery. Minitures versions of art works at times do not work as well as the original full scaled pieces so I often create mini collages images. This was not what I had planned for the day. I realised I needed to make some jewellery pieces using the commercial bezels. I had sold some more since putting up the page and had recieved a custom order so the creative task was calling me. Thi,s was a great motivation and a nice way to play with creative possibilities. I think the next couple of days will be taking it slow as I get back on my feet and give myself a little self care. I am glad I got to play with miniture images and  had fun on a small scale as that was where I needed to be. Online bits and rest and maybe some drawing. Wouldn’t it be nice if it was better by morning…I’ll sleep on that.

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