Small wolf face elplorations by Cheryle Bannon©Wolfs, guides and possibilities.
Small wolf face elplorations by Cheryle Bannon©

Today I had a lovely cuppa with my daughter at The Milkbar cafe and happened across a lovely little alternative store nearby. You know the sort…crystals and readings. The shop was called Shadows of Self and is at 112 Fordham Avenue in Camberwell in Melbourne. Natalie the honor of the shop was lovely and had filled the shop with her beautiful artwork.  As we talked, I realised that she didn’t have a website so I shared some of the bits and pieces I’ve learnt and we had a lovely chat. My daughter pointed out the brooch I had made using polymer clay which led to her asking if I would make some pieces for the shop. It felt like the universe was listening with all the business focus that I have had of late.

i went home to make some moulds using monte Marie air dry clay. It really does make excellent moulds for polymer clay. I also made some clay wolf heads as I am aiming to do some small pieces with crystals, animals and faces. I love the wolf and she has been my constant companion throughout my life. She seemed like a great place to start. I will wait till these dry and make moulds so I can start playing with the next step. I may need to go smaller again but this is test zone.

They are my starting points so I will let you know how the moulds go. Still learning and playing with the polymer clay options but so many good posdibilities. Looking forward to more explorative play with my miniature pieces.

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