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As I ponder all the possibilities of this isolation time and the way life has a new flow I have immersed myself in learning and exploring. I know that focusing on a specific area helps push your creative possibilities so I chose an image of a wolf. The wolf has always walked with me as a spirit guide so this focus felt right.

Images and words

I do love the way that images inspire words and stories and found myself adding words as layers quite often in these pieces. The pencil can barely be seen but adds to the energy in the piece and is a lovely way into the stories of this wolf. Of course, every image holds countless stories and we all bring our own understanding to the image. Words are a lovely connection that draws you into the image as you look at the texture and fragments of words scattered through the layers.


Digital additions

I am not sure what happened but the digital play took me on a new path and I have recreated a couple of pieces. The Circle rainbow wolf has worked well with the colour play and the change of format as I went from landscape to square as I completed the circle.

Circle wolf rainbow

The idea is simple. I challenged myself to focus on one image for a week. Of course, I played with other things along the way. The feathers below are an example of how one idea leads to so many more. The feathers are pure fantasy based on my inner idea of a feather where the wolf is a photograph. Very different starting points but the same intuitive response to creating the form.

Wild Feathers and fur +

I’m not sure where this will lead as every day is a new adventure…I certainly didn’t know that today would be digital play. The surprise of the creative process and stepping into the possibilities art offers is where the joy lives.


I wonder what 1 image you would choose as your focus for a week or more. Would you get tired of the image…then what? How would you shift your focus to keep up the enthusiasm? Inspiration openers… I thought I would share what I have done so far as a list of ideas for ways to keep a single image new. I do hope you try some of these ideas with your single image of choice. Choose an image that you feel attracted to and choose a place to begin exploring.

Joyful Art Starters: 14 ways to play

  1. draw the image as many times as possible to fill a page- overlaps and lots of playful linking lines.
  2. Choose a media that you don’t usually use and start with that
  3. add unusual colour combinations – opposites or ones you would never normally use
  4. take one of your images and go digital – open it in photoshop and play with filters or put an image in a word document and play with the formatting of colours and filters there.
  5. make it into a rainbow of colours
  6. use one colour
  7. go close up on the detail of a small area
  8. change the angle of the image – crop it and see what makes you curious to explore further.
  9. draw the image in a circle and see how it fits
  10. repeat the same image within a circle to create a mandala
  11. add something that doesn’t quite fit in the real world but feels right to you – like feathers or flowers and a wolf
  12. if you don’t like it then tear it up and glue it back together and leave space to draw in between
  13. add collage papers and see what this inspires and how images from the collage weave their way into the main image.
  14. be playful as there are no rules here…ask what art rule could I break to make this image more interesting?
  15. Start with a sea of words about the object in the image and all the things and thoughts that come to mind about this image. Draw the image over this and let some of the words show through. I usually start in pencil and sometimes strengthen words with a biro so they can be seen but other times the partially seen word is a suggestion and is perfect.

Rainbow featherList inspiration

I do love the way a simple list of ideas as you free write them brings up new ideas…more for the next few days that I hadn’t thought of until now. Some ideas I have already explored once this time around but others are evolving ideas. This is such a lovely intuitive process that expands, the more you engage with the image and the evolving process.

I’m sure you could add at least 5 more ideas to this list when you begin to play with your own art musings.

Hope you have fun exploring your own wild image musings…love to know what image inspires you.

Love and blessings,



The Pack

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