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Yesterday I wrote about my current wolf challenge. So today I acted on some of the ideas in that post.

The pack is a page of the same wolf, freely drawn and painted, with her head at different angles and playing with size to create a pack moving into the distance. It was a way of loosening up and letting go of the original image a bit more to create something new and different from previous days.

The idea of a wolf pack reminds us that although we may go out on our own and have our adventures, we always come back to the pack that is our home – our kin.

On my easel

I also began 2 more small wolf pieces using the idea of collage as a beginning point. The collage creates a colour pallet, to begin with, and allows for a new story to emerge.

The mirror image of the turquoise wolf with butterflies was created as a monoprint as I lifted the excess ink from the original wolf on the right. The collage was added first and created the feel of the pieces. There is much more to do to complete these images but I do enjoy the play of images inspired by collage. No watercolour in these pieces as I continue to play with this wolf challenge inspiration.

Digital learning

I have been discovering a lot of joy in the digital play between images that I have created and seeing where the layered effects take me. I am exploring the idea of creating digital downloads to sell on Etsy so created a couple of pieces today. When a piece is added to a web site it is a small file so the digital download means that you can purchase a high-quality print to print at home that is ready to frame.

I thought I would play with adding words. There is a beautiful freedom in digitally altering my own art to create something new and unique. The words act as a prompt for you to connect with your own story. The backgrounds change the images and add to the magic within the images.

There is always something new to learn and this is a lovely gentle way to step into the Etsy world and create something that is easily shared. I do believe we all need inspirational things in our world to add beauty and joyful connection.

Love and blessings always,



personal wolf chakkenge

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