Stepping into trust.

Water Element

Connecting to flow

Exploring images of the feminine within the creative process opens me to so many new ways of exploring our connected world. Art is an amazing teacher as I go deeper into the space of intention through art-life conversations as a way to step into healing through personal storytelling. It is the act of taking the feelings and ideas to the canvas with heart-guided intentions that creates openings to new ways of understanding ourselves and our world. It always surprises me how the creative process is an inner visionary path to understanding our world. When I choose to shift from analysing to being with the image and co-creating from a place of intuitive trust, I open to a healing portal to the inner wisdom that allows new ways of being and seeing my world. This shift from head to heart is a path to inner storytelling that is informed by heart intentions and guided by questions that open conversations between me and what is happening as I explore.

Becoming the elements

The current work started as flow mandalas focusing on the elements. This is about the sacred feminine landscape and as always there is so much symbolic meaning in art and the images, symbols, and words I choose. To truly be in this creative space is to feel your way into the image and discover the wisdom that lives within the natural world. Water is courage and invites me into flow and trust as I become curious about the messages, stories, and opening that arise as I explore this space. Each shift between elements has been a transition and an opening to new perspectives. Each element manifests different gifts and so I am journeying through them to see where they lead. I am finding I need transition images to shift between the energies as each is so different.

Water – allowing flow

I enter through water as it feels like flow and opening to birth and beginnings. It is my creative space where images emerge and often I become lost in the flow. I wonder how I can learn to trust the flow more and shift through the different energies it offers. I am picturing a stream that I saw yesterday as the water raced easily around the rocks that blocked its path. The ease of a shift in direction as it continued on, uninterrupted. The block was just a course redirect and the flow continued.

Earth Guide- Water Element

Stepping into these stories of connection…Water is flow, downstream, courage and allowing. Creativity is all about connecting to our feeling spaces.

The whales bring wisdom and harmony within this Sacred Earth circle. She is the first piece In this Soul Guidance Mandala series. The face was the beginning as the forms flow from her and I am feeling my way and learning to trust. There is always a new layer and the possibility of a course redirect, just as in the stream. I choose to flow and see where it leads. This is about trust, a simple beginning with words, symbols, and intentions, then color flow. I didn’t know the whales and dolphins would appear but trusted the forms that wanted to be revealed within the flow.

I have begun Earth as I step through the creative flow of water 💦 into the grounding Earth 🌏.
Each element has different wisdom to share and is layered with symbols and the energy of the element. The Koi yin yang symbol is a reminder of the balance we find as we step into the flow and connect with the wisdom of nature’s guidance.

I started with the element of water as it is the creative flow, courage, and trust. This was really an adventure in letting go and loosening up. I will add more greens around the outer circle. Every layer is part of the conversation and a new path into the evolving story.

In the Flow WIP

Connecting to the Element of Water

The invitation to your space to create is to create your own image around the idea of water as an element to focus your creative flow. As you wash your hands, shower, go about your day, be aware of all the ways water is part of your world. BE in a space of heart-centered gratitude as you allow the natural flow of water. Become aware of any ways that you are blocking your flow. I love the process of beginning a story with noticing as it opens me to curiosity and wonder.


A lovely place to begin is to journal about water with playful curiosity. Use the following question prompts to guide your wonderings. Imagine water as it flows through your life in its many forms and notice the ways you connect with water.

As you journal allow yourself to draw the shapes and simple images of water and the marks that remind you of water on your page…around the edges – flowing between your words. Doodling as you journal really does add to the strength of the connections that occur along the way and adds to the sense of play.  You may want to create an art journal page from the beginning and let the words and connections flow across the page in waves as bubbles of ideas rise and fall within the current of your imagining and memories. Play with whatever inspires you as you drink from a large glass of water and or sip your cup of tea and relax into the flow of creative connection.

Water Curiosity prompts

  1. What form in nature do you imagine water – as rain, an ocean, a river, etc?
  2. what is your favorite natural place where there is a large body of water – a lake, the seaside, the ocean?
  3. What does water feel like to you? soft, hard, flowing – picture water in all its forms and directions – ice, steam, liquid, falling, flowing, droplets, mist, dew…
  4. connect to the sounds of water- the way it bubbles and sings with its own unique voice. What do you hear?
  5. Where in your body do you imagine the energy of water?
  6. What animal reminds you of the energy and feeling of water?
  7. What new thing do you want to flow into your life?
  8. What feeling does water invite you into? Imagine the feeling on your skin as you wash your hands or bring a glass of water to your lips.
  9. What shapes or symbols does that remind you of?
  10. What colors do you picture when you imagine water?
  11. What would you paint for the idea of water? What ideas and thoughts do you imagine?
  12. What lessons does water offer you in your life as you move through your day?
  13. What gift does water offer you?
  14. Connect and open to the wisdom of water and ask if it has a message for you.
  15. Imagine you are water – where are you? What body of water are you part of?

In the flow
I wonder if you can see the changes as i dance between details and contrast…finding my flow is about listening and allowing, letting go and stepping into the next possibility. There is always a sense of what if… the unknown calls and forms on the page. My choice is to trust the shifts that happen along the way and follow my heart.

From here you are invited to play …paint and be curious – to explore your curiosity further and paint or draw an image of water. What does it feel like to you – It may be a detailed painting as I have done or a symbol that resonates with abstract pattern play. It could be cololur and lines that play across the image and ask you to play along with the emerging image.

How would you celebrate and connect to the element of water? What message or teaching does this fluid energy have for you as an art-life connection?

I am loving that the soul guide is present as the calm within all this movement and space. The way the whales and dolphin feel as though they are holding space within this image feels supported and guided. I know I needed to loosen up the image and shift away from the tight  boarder as an edge between background and foreground. I needed the contrast and the sense of expansion that flowing beyone the edges feels like. The learning was in the need to allow and open to the spaces of difference where balance lives. the whales are inviting harmony and connection on that global scale and I am still discovering more. It is that space between the art piece and the conversation that becomes a story of connecting and discovering. Every choice is a new detour and a new perspective. A change can not be undone but is a learning space that is allowing and stepping into the flow of ‘What if?’ and the wondering into possibilities. It is the trust to leap and shift into a new perspective. Gabbi Bernstein refers to these shifts as miracles.  I knew I needed to flow beyond the edges and see what would emerge by stepping into the unknown. Every brushstroke whispers new ways of understandings and stories that open us to step into new spaces as our stories evolve and we connect on the canvas. I feel as if there are a few more shifts along the way and I am open to the stories that guide me..perhaps a few highlights in her hair to guide the eye into the image. It is such a playful dance through the layers of colours and intentions.

I would love to see your exploration into water and how you connect to the flow it offers.

Be playful and enjoy the many ways of connecting to the infinite nature of who you are and your evolving story.






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