Queen of Hearts

Sometimes the desire to shift and clear is what it takes to see differently and we risk destroying what is there in order to create something new. I painted this about feelings and images that I hold in my heart. This is about my Grandma who was a like soul so in essence it is about both of us. I completed this piece last December but was never fully satisfied. Today I let go and just allowed myself to change the image. I used a stencil in white to push back the orange and start to break up edges. I also stumbled white across the face and the arms to soften and lighten them. I changed the left arm and shoulder as the shape was not right. Funny how you miss the obvious when working so closely…emotionally and physically. I added sepia high flow to do this and then flowed through into the dress by repeating the parallel lines that were in the stencil. I added a clear bust and knew the sepia was not strong enough. I added pthalo fluid acrylic to strengthen some of the shapes. I used dashes over thesepia as I love the green this makes. Adding white to the pthalo I continued to define the shapes and loosely rolled the brush across the neck. I then blocked out a large amount of the hair across the top and along the left side. This has given a sense of space to the work that I really like. Still needs something but need to not make this area too busy again but link it into the background. I defined the shadow figures in the left bottom corner of the canvas. I also softened the dress of the Queen of Hearts, small figure so she would stand out clearly. So I have gone back and added some dashes to the background and I think she is done …don’t want to keep fiddling at this stage. She feels much more complete now. Funny how it is that gut feeling that guides you.

I have added the earlier progression images so you can see how she was developed through to this final version…well at least for now.

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