The well of images

As we travel along our life’s path we are the eternal gatherers. We pick up information and store it to use as needed. We delve into this well when we create. I often draw a face from memory but each of us has stored different details in our well so what we create comes from our unique gatherings. I have drawn faces since I could hold a pencil but to do this well, I must be able to see the nuances in each face. A generalised face becomes cute and doll like and sometimes this is my goal. Other times I will shift and change and rework an image until it feels right. That intuitive knowing is drawn from my well. I am continuing to gather images but more than this I want to know what makes one face stronger. Is there a pattern that I am missing? These are the questions that keep me searching and scouring through the images collected, to find the elements that give the spark of life to each image. No, there is not one pattern but many and we each create our own version of complete. The joy in the making is that there is always more to learn and more to gather. In fact it takes more than a lifetime. So I continue gathering and developing and growing.
Where do I add more darks or lights? There is a shadow casts on the eyeball ..who knew! Look closer as there is so much more to discover. Is that enough detail and will I make it less if I add more. The continual process of reflecting, analysing and measuring until for the monent it is complete.

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