Sometimes the muse surprises us. Yes…of course we are looking and exploring possibilities but then there is that moment of magic. Something falls into place. It has always been illusive but now it seems obvious. Why didn’t I know this all along or did I need all those other bits of understanding yo step into this space. I just needed permission to play and let all the layers of learning that has shaped me and my art flow. It is all about finding the space for joy and possibilities and just letting go of expectations and seeing what happens.  No rules to break because there are non in play as it is about being in the moment. I want joy and play and abandon. Whatever comes through is what is ment to be. When I play and just do what my gut tells me…I listen, then somehow everything seems to flow. It is simply play and possibilities.  It is about just following my heart and the soft inner voice of the muse that seems to get louder and louder, the more that you pay attention to it. This freedom is delightful and unexpected. I love those moments of flow that seem to appear at unexpected moments and fill you with a sense thatsome amazing gift has been given to you..when everything is falling into place.  Remembering  to just going with ad whatever I do is okay when I invite my inner child to play. What joyful possibilities await.

I love this space of openings as I explore and play with paint. The freedom and the images below are what came through. They just seemed to appear with no real effort. Magic and possibilities. Art is such a wonderful place to explore our amazing world.

Some of these pieces are works in progress, some are completed and others reworked but all are playful explorations of possibilities with lots of stories within the layers.

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