Another piece for The Burnley Harbour Exhibition this weekend. I am playing with the white out and transparency effect to see what it does. I like the effect in this work and have the sense that it is about not overdoing it. I do. Like the effect of the stencil rub backs and the flow and connection that has developed. Still learning so much but nearly finished the 6 pieces due on Thursday. Cutting it close I know but am aware of a clear building of an evolving body of work in this new style.

The Gift

The gentle wind of change blows through,
Fluttering across the canvas of my mind,
Flowers that drift transfixed,
As if time itself stands still.

You reach out to me,
Through a landscape of memories,
That curve upwards in spiralling possibilities,
As I open to that inner space

Our worlds interlace,
And I lean into the opening,
Bowed and tentatively greeting,
The gift that is offered.

Your inner laughter ripples,
Joyously acknowledging all that is given,
Heart unfurling and expanding,
Into the spaces between our souls.

This moment of receiving,
Allowing, shaping and re-making,
Filled, replenished and whole
Our vessels filled once more.

Open your heart to possibilities.

Open your heart to possibilities. 

If you are in Melbourne this weekend come and enjoy a range of inspiring art from this open exhibition organised by the  Contemporary Artist Society of Victoria. Bring a picnic to enjoy on the banks of the Yarra River.

Come and enjoy a range of inspiring art by Melbourne artists.

Come and enjoy a range of inspiring art by Melbourne artists.

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