I am enjoying exploring printed stamp ideas that I have thought about for a long time. I have a weekend art retreat in a couple of weeks and stamps are on the list so it switched on the motivation button and I am creating them to take with me. Of course I will use them in lots of other projects but it is nice to build a collection. So I created the tree that I have seen in my minds eye for so long and the floral swirl play piece. Both will work well as parts of larger pieces.

Art is one of those things where an idea takes hold and somehow you just have to run with it until it feels complete. S

wanted to make a tree stamp ( hand sized) and I think it works well. My brother Gordon has always liked tree images and he is in hospital so thought I would make it into a final collage piece for him and send it to him. Play with ideas and send my love..

this is is where I am up to and I will finish it and this blog over t

he weekend. so of course once I start layering, I get so involved that the I keep adding layers. I love the gold and think I might need to sew some gold thread into the piece. The moon needs something. So I added blue and red sewn lines but the soft blue contrast was too much.  I felt I had wrecked it but as I rested I realised that the visual problem was the crowded feeling. Softening the blue areas with white pencil worked but it was not yet there. The white details on the owl were working as it softened the image and created a different layer in the piece. If I made an A3 background sheet and attached the A4 image it could work. The owl and the tree would then be on the hot spots on the rule of thirds grid. Time to play some more and see where it takes me. Step by step…listening for possibilities. Just been reading Lisa Cyr’s book which inspired me to add the more open background space with an attempt at an aged feel. Sometimes you just have to risk possible disaster and hope you can work back through to  something new and unexpected that helps all the pieces fall into place.

What inspires you and pushes you to take the next step or explore something that has been waiting in the wings. What is the spark that makes you pick up your brush or pencil or whatever creative tool you use, and inspires you to let your self go into the moment of creation?

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