Be guided by the spirit of the earth and tread gently as you move into your own possibilities.

She is the observer who gently allows the as she wanders through the woods of possibilities.

Slow peaceful,creative musings

Allow small miracles into your life.

Sometimes you know that it is simply time to let go and accept guidance when it comes.

Today I worked on 2 paintings. Both have butterflies and a sense of  release and freedom. The Angel is ‘Releasee’ as she watches the butterflies take flight. The wood nymph I ‘ transient glimpse’ as she observes the butterflies as they pass by, both are figurative and have a sense of possibilities. The butterfly is very much a symbol of new beginnings and allowing so I welcome this energy into my life.
I never really know where an artwork will take me or how many stages are needed to build the layers and uncover the story within each piece as they are intuitively guided. The butterflies in a ‘transient glimpse’ were added as I noticed them sitting in a box in my studio and the piece needed them to feel complete. They were bought ages ago as they were beautiful. They are sections of place cards and nothing to do with Scrapbooking or collage supplies. It is a matter of always looking for possibilities in art and life that keeps it interesting…always open to something new and unexpected around the corner.


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