Today I worked on 15 mixed media canvases. All smaller in size but I have never worked on so many in one sitting before. As one dried I moved on to the next and continued to build the layers. There were four pieces that stood out as I did a few things that were a bit different for me, ranging from deciding that the face would remain simple lines because it worked, major whiteout pen work to lighten a piece and for another 2 I totally changed the image. In 1 I totally remodelled the dress and in the other I blocked out the background and created space so the painting could breathe. It is easy to make a piece too busy when you are working with so many different materials and layers.They have been tweaked in other ways but these are the main things. It is exciting as my art processis evolving and I am taking more risks. I am still steadily working on bringing all my many pieces. to completion as I steadily work towards having a body of work that I will be happy to exhibit at my group show starting on the 15th of November at Vino Central in Ivanhoe.

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