Well I now have a nasty chest infection but the thing that I know about my body is that when I am sick, I need to find a balance between art play and rest. Art play makes me feel good and forget the cough etc and that is exactly what I need. It is a beautiful sunny winters day with promises of spring, not too far away. I am finalizing a couple of smaller pieces and blocking in some canvas backgrounds. These medium sized pieces are a lot of fun and I just let them tell me where they needed to go. It is that intuitive play that really is powerful and so much fun. Yes my hands are covered in paint. I used some embossed paper to create textured areas before starting to add paint. I then sprayed, dabbed and reworked areas until an image jumped out. I have 2 large face pieces that are well established. Really happy with how they are developing. I remember seeing an art exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria in the 80s with a series of over life size heads. I loved the impact these works had. They definitely are a memory influence. I assure you that there are not many exhibitions that have impacted me for such a long period of time as I can still recall some of these pieces. I only wish I knew who the artist was. Of course mine are nothing like my memories except for being over life sized. It is interesting how we tend to choose one aspect of an art influence to carry forward, anyway, they are not completed yet but definitely heading in the right direction. I am playing with the possibilities and having fun.

Sunshine, art play and fun are definitely things to be grateful for (gratitude challenge). Wherever I am and at whatever point, there are always possibilities for gratitude. I am now curled up on the couch blogging about my few hours of play and grateful for a comfy corner, rest and my lemsip. Next stop, sleeping in my cosy bed and supporting my bodies natural healing ability.

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