Here I am near the end of my 12days of Christmas Angels personal challenge. I know that the 12 days are Angel blessings featuresupposed to be after Christmas culminating in the baptism of Christ but I wanted to do it before. I love surrounding myself with angels in the lead up to Christmas and the whole adventure has been joyful. These are my angel blessings that I am sending to you.

Some of these pieces have changed along the way. I’ve included Joyful Contemplation which I painted just before the challenge.

I have several more angels that have evolved through this process so I have decided to continue the challenge up until the 6th if January but this time I will allow myself to add drawings and older angels that I have created previously. Below are three in process and my update of one of the 12 angels as it kept letting me know it needed more. Loving the evolution into these seated angels.


This process has sparked a desire to create an angel art workshop online and in person. My ideas have evolved with a variety of mix and match templates to support you to create your own unique angels. Also evolving the process and teaching how to create your own unique templates. This is such a lovely way to begin that is strongly guided with lots of simple strategies to free your inner artist.

Angel drawing

I wonder what challenges and adventures have filled your days over the past 12 days. Counting days really does make you aware of how much can happen in such a short period of time. I have had an operation, been to a funeral, had high tea with my sister, a business collaboration meeting, enjoyed farewells and a Christmas presentation just to name the big events. What has been your highlight over the past 2 weeks as Christmas has called us to this holiday season?

I would love you to comment and share the images that speak to you. I will be posting a more detailed post about my angel art courseand an intro to the template process. Please sign up for my newsletter if you would like to be kept up to date and you like what you see and visit my  gallery page for more inspiration.

I wish you a Christmas filled with joy, blessings and magical moments.


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