So many people love owls as they are cute, mysterious, intelligent and can navigate the dark. I love owls…that would be stating the obvious, but I know that I am not alone. There are so many people with a passion for all things owl. These amazing creatures hold a continual curiosity for me as I play with the many ways of connecting with there wisdom.

I started painting whimsical owls as I was fascinated by their wisdom and guidance that was at times almost comical. They make me laugh and inspire me to question so I wanted to explore more as I knew this owl fascination was also about owls as symbols of wisdom.


I have had an owl and a wolf as dream guides for a very long time. They help me connect to my intuitive spaces and guide me along the way. The more I step into this intuitive art space, the more connected I feel to owl wisdom. The playful, quirky, questioning nature resonates with my artist soul and encourages me to keep exploring and stepping into a space if wonder.
My whimsical owl paintings are about the feeling the owl carries and the wisdom in her eyes. It is a sense of something beyond the real to an idealisation of that guiding energy that encourages us to trust and step into each moment. That is why I lovingly created my whimsical owl workshop (WOW)  and am developing it into an online course.

Unique quirks

Each owl painting has a unique energy and evolves without a plan. This us an intuitive space where I have learnt to trust that the image will evolve the way it us meant to. I hold a heart intention to paint an owl and then play with shape colours and layers of mixed media joy and see where the adventure takes me. The owl that wants to evolve will appear like an image found hidden in the clouds. The trick is to trust the partial image that appears and give it life as the layers begin to form.

Inspiration play.

I have a bank of owl inspiration that I have collected along the way and admit to having spent time sitting in spaces of joy and laughter as I have researched owl images on Pinterest. I never stop being amazed by the bizarre and unexpected poses that the array of owls seem to be in. The comical thing is it looks as if there quite comfortable in their oddness which is another lovely message to take away.

Intuitive art: finding your owl.

Starting with an intention for a whimsical owl painting is a beginning point that opens up your minds eye to seek for shapes and forms that remind you of owls. It could be an eye shape, the curve of a wing or the angle of the head. Whatever you see is the starting point of a potential owl. You may choose to draw it in with chalk and then develop it further or you may keep looking to see what else you can find within the layers of your mixed media creation. I will often turn the page around several times before I decide where my owl is on the page. Sometimes I don’t see an owl at all but see a face or some other image and so I explore that. When this happens, I know that there are always more owls to explore for another play date and so many more connections to make.

Owl Guidance

My question is ‘What would your whimsical owl look like?’
Are you ready to play with the idea of an owl? This is an owl that is not a photo or an attempt to copy reality but the dream of an owl and the feelings and messages it holds for you. What would this owl that is as quirky, unique and adventurous as you are actually look like? What message would it bring to you? What questions would you ask this wise guide to help guide your path? How would you begin this inner dialogue that connects you with the depth of your own inner wise self?

Playful Intuitive process

The most important thing to remember with intuitive art is that it is a process and is not about the finished product. Of course we all want the art journey but we want a happy ending as well. It is a wonderful feeling to hold a completed piece of art that we have created as we celebrate the joy what we have achieved.
Before we reach this space of completion we will gave gone on a creative adventure that is sometimes messy and often playful. This is about learning to trust that as you add another layer something new will form. As you keep adding layers if paint, paper and marks an image will take shape. Your job is to look for what you love and do more of that. It us not to stand back and criticise what is not working but to keep adding more of what is working.sometimes this means being bold and blocking out large areas in new layers. Each new layer is an opportunity and an invitation to another possibility. As you keep developing the layers of your art work you are building the energy of the piece and giving it depth and substance. You will reach a point where you know your art piece is complete and you are satisfied. This

What about techniques

Of course to make an art work come together as a finished piece you need some skills, techniques and tips and tricks that you have learnt along the way. The processes you learn along the way will grow as you add new techniques, skills and discoveries to your artists toolbox. The intuitive art process does not abandon the skills that allow an art work to shine but approaches these skills as guidelines that can be broken or use depending on the direction of our inner guidance. We learn to create our own path forward as we develop our intuitive knowing about what is working,

Intuitive Artist and mentor

As a teacher, spiritual intuitive and artist, I share, demonstrate and teach ways to connect with your own intuitive guidance as you learn to trust. I will guide you through many possible approaches to connecting to your artists soul through the Wild Soul Creativity Process. You will learn how to begin conversations through this intuitive space and connect with the messages in your images. Learn how to use the images you have created in your own art works to receive guidance and wisdom through a simple self questioning technique as you receive wisdom from your subconscious knowing.


I love questions, wonderings and  all the possibilities they open us up to. I wonder when you last listened and trusted your intuition? I wonder when you last gave yourself the space to create? I wonder wether you draw for the sheer joy of play and mark making?

Perhaps if you have read to the bottom of this pits, you will take a moment to wonder about when you could make space in your life to explore, connect and play. Perhaps art is. Calling you back to a playful space that you remember from when you were young but gave somehow list along the way.

My owl wonderings always remind me to return to those playful moments. I do hope that you will find space for a play date to explore the. wonderings of your own inner guidance.

Perhaps today is a good day to playfully draw an owl. Not from a photograph but as an idea of an owl and all it’s guiding wisdom as seen from your own heart space.



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