What does your whimsical owl look like? I am sure that if you start to explore owls, you will find that whatever you draw or paint will be your own uniques version of a whimsical owl in all its guiding wisdom.

Whimsical owls WIP

YI wonder what your whimsical owl would look like?


There are so many ways to begin and the selection in the above image shows owl pieces in a whole lot of different stages of completion.These paintings are my current WIPs but I may sidetracked to a different piece and then return. It is about following the art piece that is calling me at the time. I do want to complete the large piece as it is so lose and it did begin at my Playful Printmaking intuitive art layers demo last Saturday. It has transformed a lot since then.

Every time I start a new painting, a new owl appears and I often find myself working on 3 pieces at a time as a pallet calls to be transformed into another whimsical owl painting.


The start of my demo and really why I love printmaking. It is such a lovely way to add all those gorgeous unique layers. Join me in my upcoming Whimsical Owl Workshop (WOW) and discover how to create your own whinsicalnowls through this playful process.

Posted by Cheryle Bannon Art on Tuesday, 18 July 2017


I love creating pallet paintings and teach this as part of my Wild Soul Creativity Process. Pallet paintings are the simple act of using watercolor paper as your pallet and then adding and following your intuition. I will wipe my brush clean other pallet and spread th paint arpund. Playfully add dots or a stencil pattern along the way. This is pure play. Somewhere along the way, an image takes form. This is all about trust so that when I see an image appear, I will begin to paint it in. Sometimes more cautiously with a piece of chalk that is easily removed if I change my ins. Sometimes the image is so clear that I grab a paint brush and start to bring the magee to life.


I find that I am going back to using lace to add detailed texture and interest in a few of my resent pieces. This is all about slipping into a space of trust and learning to listen to the whispered guidance. It is easy to learn the basic skill of how to draw an owl by focusing on the simple shapes. The basic oval shapes of the head and body and then the joy of pattern play and mark making always encourages me to keep exploring and to keep learning. Owls are such an easy beginning point to play with. An owl can be large and fill most of the page or small. It can be huddled in a hoot if owls (my alltime favorite name for a group). The possibilities are limitless!


The fun really takes over when you connect to these quirky whimsical guides that can contort onto the weirdest of positions. You can twist there heads upside down or place them sideways. The legs can be long and stalk like or huddled beneath fluffy feathers. Then of course there are the eyes that seem to penetrate your soul. Who could resist falling in love with these amazing birds. Perhaps the strongest message that I repeatedly hear from them is to remember to laugh at yourself.


I encourage you to go on a Pinterest owl search and create your own board of owl ibspiration. You will find images that will make you laugh our loud. These owls and there irreverent wisdom continues to inspire min so many ways.

If your curios and want to explore creating your own unique whimsical owls explore my upcoming Whimsical Owl Workshop. Online course coming later in the year.from



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