At the start of this year, I had decided my focus was preparing and facilitating the community canvas at Seven Sisters 2020 and then it was completion stage so I would be ready for the Dandenong Ranges Open Studios. Then the world closed down and everything was cancelled or postponed. The Open Studios is now in November. I am still finalising an album cover for Friendly Creatures in my home space but the timeline was extended for obvious reasons.

These pieces are made of a variety of media, from paper to plaster to mixed media polymer clay. They are the beginning stages that are the foundation that I am building on. Each piece is a new possibility and a new way to connect to the creative flow that is a gift that is always ready to inspire something new.

The Earth Guardian Animal SPirits below were created for the Earth exhibition in 2019 and are my most recent mixed media sculptural pieces. the details and patterns are joyful and the inlaid stone crystals and copper create lovely energy in these pieces. I get so involved in painting that it is easy to miss the joy of this 3D world,

Unexpected Learning Spaces

My head and my heart were having trouble aligning in this new space and I found myself drawn back to 3D pieces. I don’t have a kiln and my access plans have been curtailed as I can’t go to a group studio space. I have found that I desire to refine skills and develop what I know. Art is one of those spaces where you are continually learning and growing into new understandings. Youtube and online courses introduced me to new ways of creating with different media as I am growing my knowledge base and adding it to what I already know about polymer clay. Working on a small scale felt right and so I have trusted my heart and playfully explored new ways of mixing media. The lovely thing about any new exploration is that it informs all the other areas of my art practice so the patterns, form and colours of the sculptures add new ways of approaching all my other art. New jewellery pieces are emerging along the way as I continue to ask questions and grow into the new spaces of the creative call.

Guardian Earth Spirit Animals

Sculpture Calls

I have been drawn back to polymer clay and exploring all the mixed media options it offers. Along the way, I have discovered epoxy clay and velvet clay. I have gone deeply into exploration mode and am enjoying the results. I am creating small pieces here that are a joy to create and are that little bit different. This is where I decide what I like and what I don’t and what combination works best. I wonder if it is time to start that Etsy store?

Of course, this is an adventure into what is possible and I hope you are finding that space. The opportunity to learn and grow while the world pauses is a gift among the loss and sadness felt throughout the world.

Art has a way of healing us that connects to our inner world and those unspoken responses held inside. I needed the tactile nature of sculpture at this time. These small animals and angels (in process) are all about connecting to our own inner guidance to find balance at this time.


My focus is to create small pieces that are whimsical and remind you to breath and smile into the moment. I choose images of animals as I love creating from nature and supporting the healing of our precious Earth through the wisdom they share with us. The Angels are about healing our spirit and connecting to the divine energy and bringing more light into the world. I am painting and sculpting every day.

Today I want to share where I have begun this journey into no kiln clays. What I have created in the past that has created a lovely foundation for the next steps.

I hope you are finding creative space in your world.

Love and Blessings



Alter close up

A close up of my owl sculptures and wearable art brooches.

Upcoming post on the new pieces and learning posted later in the week.

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