Intention word January

What is your intention word for 2021…what energy will you invite in?

Finally, we arrive in 2021 with so many dreams still waiting.  I’ve shifted into planning mode and rediscovered old loves and inspiration.  I guess we are all dreaming of a healthier happier year for ourselves and our beautiful planet earth.

Last year was a lot of focused studio time as isolation meant that so many things were cancelled but 2021 offers an invitation to new possibilities and I feel a little excited as I dream of open studios in May and connecting back into the real world groups such as IFE and EMAC with the joy of meeting people.

There is also a space of gratitude within the grief I feel for 2020. The gratitude is in the new friendships that have emerged unexpectedly through an online world of zoom and socials in ways that surprised and delighted me. Wise Women Rising offered a space to nurture my precious dreams and share a workshop online as well as lovely collaborations that are still growing.

Amidst all the weirdness of exhibiting in a group show with the Contemporary Art Society in December 2020, I met Peta who started MAVA. An amazing group set up to help connect artists. Mava is Melbourne and Victorian Artists. This was a real-world connection that flipped back into an online world with so many more possibilities. The aha in 2020 was that online and real-world have a meeting point that makes them so much stronger. Now really I should know this but I didn’t. I had separate spaces in me for the real world and online and only close friends really crossed that personal barrier. It is the ability to meet those people who have sparked something new in you and share stories that created something brand new in the way that I look at the world. The question became what next and how do I move forward?

Intention words and questions

I’ve learnt that intentions are key to any endeavour and after a year of studio and shiny object chasing I’m back in planning mode. Where do I go from here and what is next? it feels a little confusing after all the unknowns and uncertainties so I’ve gone back to the drawing board literally. The first thing I always tend to do is to choose a word for the year. This year the word is FOCUS and as usual, I create artwork for this so I’ve added the beginning videos. They are real-time and I suggest that you create your own word and paint along with me. I will do a final video, as this is not quite done but almost. The owl came out of the layers of paint and felt perfect as an animal guide for focus as owl teaches me to look at things from all directions and to always be curious and ask questions.

Circle Art Challenge

2021 art circle challenge

2021 creative circle spaces

I decided to offer an art challenge for 2021 to launch with finding your word for 2021. I will aim for a video each month on the creative play space of the challenge and the stories that emerge. I haven’t finished my FOCUS owl yet as planning has taken centre stage (my weekly intention) so I know that is one of my focus spaces for this week.

This is about planning my way forward and is one of the guided ways of creating focus in my year. Join my Wild Soul Creativity Circle for continued updates and share your challenge dreaming.

I’m using Jennifer Lee’s visual business plan book and that is my space of learning for January as I shape my new steps forward and plan the stories I want to share. This is the first attempt of a visual business plan and is a beautiful concertina book of 8 pages that becomes my vision board on one side and my more traditional documents on the back. Absolutely loving the creative connections in this process. It gives me space to play and be creative as I plan which is where my joy lives. I’m finding that I’m recreating my own versions of some of the processes and ways to connect. I tend to want to make it my own as I play beyond the edges of an idea. I’ve created a different process for connecting with my core values… but that’s another post… Still so much to grow into as I step into a year of focus and BIG BOLD BODACIOUS DREAMING and seeing where it leads.

This is my first step in claiming the next part of my dream and I’m not sure what 2021 will bring. Last year taught me to let go of expectations and trust that I’m exactly where I need to be right now.

Sometimes we automatically know what we need to move forward in our lives and an intention is easy to choose but other times we just don’t know which way to go. I’m reminded of the importance of questions when working with inner guidance and so remember if you don’t know what your word for the year start by asking yourself  this question – ‘What if I did know?’  This question is a favourite tool that I use when I’m stuck for whatever reason as it tricks the conscious mind and the first thought that comes is often a surprise. If you need something more then try the simple mindful meditation technique below.

Mini Mindful Meditation: connecting with your intention

Get comfortable and close your eyes. Breathe into your heart space, take three or more long deep breathes as you settle into that inner space and notice the flow of your breath. Notice your heart space as your breath moves in and out. Notice how your body feels and any tingling or spaces that feel different. Imagine shifting your intention back into your heart space. In your heart space, there is a beautiful flower. Notice its colour and size. Notice the feeling of this flower and its shape. you become aware that this is the flower of your intention and you move closer as you notice a beautiful scent in the air. Ask your flower of intention what it wants you to learn about this year. Breathe into this space as you listen and connect with your intention. Notice if the flower changes in any way. Ask what energy it wants to gift you and if there is anything it wants you to know. When you are ready thank your intention and begin to focus back on your breath as you slowly come back to an awareness of your body as you wriggle your fingers and become aware of the room around you.

This is a lovely space to begin journaling what you discovered and then shifting into your own mixed media intention art piece. Have fun with this.

So glad you’re joining me on this adventure as I explore the evolving stories through art and discover new ways of sharing art as personal storytelling. Love to hear from you so do comment and tell me your word for the year and share any art and creative joy that comes from exploring your own intentions for 2021.

love and blessings


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