For blogging 101 we were asked to write on a prompt from the daily post. My prompt actually was from a different source, Kinneret from asked about my process and if I could share more. My process is evolving and I am continually growing as an artist. Her question made me realise that my process is to never stop learning. It is about experimentation and exploring things that are new for me or reflecting and learning from the masters or other mixed media artists who are pushing the boundaries of traditional techniques.

What does this actually mean in real terms? I guess it means to continually challenge myself not to be prescious about the first image I put down. It may mean that there are 10 layers before it feels done. It is not a one way fits each piece. I need to listen to my own inner promptings. I also regularly use my iPad to take quick pics that help me step back and look at what I have done then let me dive back in and change anything that stands out as not right. The most important question is ‘what parts do I feel work…what parts do I love. ?’ Do these parts support the overall composition or do they have to be sacrificed so the piece as a whole can come together. I may paint over areas and feel a sense of loss as maybe it was better before I changed it but I remind myself that I am building energy and strength through the layers. I use a lot of transparencies so parts of these previous layers show through and add to the depth of the piece. I want you to wonder how it was done. I want to build the strength of the piece through the layers. Each piece feels like the best piece as it is the piece I am focusing on. I like to track the changes so I can get a sense of what changes worked best.

I love exploring new mediums and combinations and love using Golden acrylics because of their intense colors. What will happen if…is a favourite question in my creative process. So for me, art is about the process and all the lovely layers that add to the richness and depth of each piece. I keep on experimenting and learning in order to develop my skills as the thing I love about art is that you never stop learning.


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