Thank you: a dream of connection.

I guess this site is really based on a dream. A dream of connecting to other peopl who, like me, are on this creative journey and learning every step of the way. The blogging 101 course wants me to write a post to my dream reader. Is that you? Do you love exploring and playing with possibilities? Do you take on a challenge to see how far you can go (and stubbornly persist until you achieve the impossible)? Like Alice ( in Wonderland) I believe in doing ‘6 impossible things before breakfast’. Of course nothing is really impossible…don’t we prove it every day. I love to play and hope you will play along and share in this creative game.

You are the possibility of connecting across continents…to the other side of the world. The possibility of sharing what I do and being gifted by sharing what you do, inspires me to continue to create beyond the canvas. It is a way to keep a record of



my world, and to write from a deeper space of understanding that you probably would not see or know of in the real world.

You are my dream reader as you delve into corners of my world and read between the lines of every day life. The simple click of a mouse that bought you here allows us to no longer be strangers. So welcome to my world and if something here resonates, then that is a goal reached. My art is less when it is not shared so allow me the honour of sharing a small part of my life with you in this virtual world. This space, that is for me, a new and challenging learning space that perhaps will speak to you and inspire your own journey.

Share and Enjoy !