Well I guess it is time to bring this piece to completion. I have previously blogged earlier stages of this paintings progress and observed her and waited for the right time to move her forward. Most of my work needs to sit for awhile as my heart and head get into sinc so I can take the next step. Mothe’s day seemed like the appropriate time to send this piece out into the world. She holds a tenderness, that acknowledges that beautiful two way bond that we hold dear in those small moments, that touch our hearts. Those moments that remind us that becoming a mother was the most important job of our lives.

As it is Mother’s Day, I am loving remembering my own mother who I lost 15 years ago and remembering all she gifted me with. She was the one to inspire my passion for art as she continually created her portraits, animal and bird  paintings and cards. Art for her was her balancing point as it is for me so thank you posthumously for all the wonderful gifts you gave me …even when I was too involved in my own story to realise.

Cherish the small moments as they arrive as they are the gifts that you carry, as you continue forward on your own journey.

Thank you

Thank you

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