Playing with possibilities as I explore these playful, whimsical owls and the wisdom they share.

Playing with possibilities as I explore these playful, whimsical owls and the wisdom they share.

Whimsical owls

Playful pondering…

I am enjoying playing with this idea of whimsical owls and it keeps bringing me joyful surprises. Owls are such playful, silly and whimsical things. I just love the possibilities of the feathers and expressive faces. The more I do, the more possibilities arise.

I though I would share a little about my connection to owls and why they fascinate and inspire me.
My fascination with owls began long ago. I loved the image of the wise old owl and the Goddess connection to Athena. The owl has shown up in lots of ways in my artwork over the years. I have always painted women and often an owl is sitting on her shoulder and offering her guidance. I am immersed in my intuitive art practice and the expressive owl faces draw me in. I have a white owl as one of my animal guides and love their gentle wisdom and nudging when you do not listen. unfortunatly I do not always listen but the wisdom is always there waiting.

Obviously my owls are not about realism but are an explorative adventure. I love painting owls but like anything the question is always where to start. My owls are pure play and give me joy. The big eyes and long eyelashes are fun and just a little bit silly. This is intuitive play and I often don’t start out deciding to create an owl painting but develop them from a pallet painting. If the purpose of life is to follow your bliss…find more joy…then my owls seem like the perfect place to begin.

As I get ready for my new web site (how exciting) I have decided to create an ebook on how to create your own whimsical owls. It is a work of love and shaped with the desire and knowing that anyone can create an owl with a little guidance. To that end my first task is creating a drawing toolbox for the beginners and then the fun will really begin. I do hope some of you will come and play along with me.

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