What if …mixed media art resin?

Mixed media resin adventure

What if…?

Keep asking questions as they have a way of leading us into wonderful new spaces.

What if mixed media resin became a jumping off point for new ways of looking at this beautiful process. A way to find answers that are unexpected and full of surprises? What if the ability to find the right questions was the path to discovering more of what we were searching for.?

The best things in life always seem to start with a question. Imagine what life would be like if your answer was what if…This question is an open door of possibilities.

Art has a way of beginning with the thought ‘what if…? as questions float through your mind.The question of ‘ what if I used resin as a layer of the image within my mixed media art.? What if the resin layer did more than create a shiny solid coating and actually added more information to the original image. These questions arewhat keep moving me forward as I explore this new adventure in mixed media resin art.

Exploring this new adventure into mixed media art and resin has inspired a growing list of questions. These are a list of questions that have inspired lots of playful creativity and led to more questions. I don’t believe that we ever find the answer but that we discover,ore questions and our curiosity can lead to amazing places.

Sharing my ‘What If’s?’

. I know this is a list of starting points that will continue to grow
Each step along the way is a new question and some I have tried already and some I have yet to try but I’ll list them all here.

My questions began with… What if I combined my mixed media paintings with transparent layers of resin and coloured layers? …and then the what if’s started to flow.


What if l lose the mixed media image and the resin colours take over?
What if it doesn’t work…then what?
What if I add another layer?
What if I let the overflow drip onto bubble wrap
what if I let the overflow drip onto stencils!?
What if I used the pooled overflow to cut out shapes that I can add to a painting.
What if I knew how to create lace effects?
What if I engraved into the resin and stained the engraved marks?
What if I added dried leaves and flowers into the resin layer.
What if I used textured paper and lace?
What if I used collage sections?
What if I used canvas instead of board?
What if I burn the resin…then what?
What is I add wire?
What if I add glitter to the resin colour pots.
What if I add mosaic tiles and glass to the mixed media image and then add resin?
What if resin was used as a mixed media layer rather than a glossy sealing layer.
What if I use multiple canvases or boards to take the layers into wall art pieces?
What if I added paint on top of the wet resin?
What if I created a full resin pour as the background and then added cut out drawings onto the first dry layer and then added another resin coating?
What if I added ink and paint to toffee stage of resin set.
What if I added inks and paint to the set rein then added a final pour.

Owl play mixed media resin

This owl  is almost done and was a beginning to diving into something more using this mixed media resin process and playing with discovering where my ‘what ifs?’ would take me. I have shifted a lot further than this and am continuing to find new questions. This is my passion for learning and the ability to say yes to playful openings along the way.

I know the list of questions  is long but every question leads to another and the is the joy of art as a process. We discover new things every step of the way. I will share more of the steps and processes in upcoming lists but I thought that share ng my ‘What if?’ lust may inspire you to create a list of your own on an art area that is calling you to step into your own adventure.

If art is calling you on an adventure, then I suggest you start with a list of ‘what ifs?’ as you open a doorway to new spaces to play in. I would love it if you shared your list either here in the creative moments or on my face book page @ Cheryle Bannon Art.

Enjoy your adventure and I hope that your artist soul is inspired to curiosity, wonder and joy as you open to the questions waiting inside and seeking answers. Have fun and enjoy the delight of playing with possibilities and opening new creative spaces in your world.

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