I have always loved drawing faces but how do you extend the idea of the face into something more than the immediate image of a face. Our faces are our life map so what a lovely way to combine the face with that sense of the journey.

I have used basic grid lines to map the human face for a long time so let’s just really map the face…and what does that really mean? I found an old road map at the op shop ages ago and thought it would create interesting collage papers and today I decided it would make a good background for a face. I like the way it turned out, just using caran d’ache and watercolour pencils activated  with gel medium so the colour becomes permanent. I then added  lines to link with the map and break up the face and some transparent layers of high flow fluid acrylics to create more contrast and define  light direction. This is a good way to help me stay loose within a structure and I love the effect of the map becoming her face.

So many journeys… A face is more than  a lifetimes worth of  learning possibilities. What would your face map look like?

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