I have been developing my Instagram presence. I know rhat it is a strange animal and I am at a bit of a loss to understand it although as a visual artist. I do love it’s ease and immediacy. Today I posted a piece that was almost finished and it quickly got likes. This idea of likes is such a whimsical thing. I love this painting but why is this one so popular? How do we judge our own work. It is such a difficult task especially when my creative joy is so intuitive. I love this image and the contrasting colors but what is it that attracts likes. This  obsession is an issue but it is also great to know what attracts people’s gaze. I wish I knew ( or knew how to get Google to explain it to me) why people choose to hit like. For me it is such an intuitive act. I like that…click❤️ Or no and move on. Such a space of instant response…perhaps I should paint more people but right now I am loving owls so I will not compromise. The question remains…how do I build my tribe and find the people who resonate with me? I am attempting to navigate these platforms and sometimes feel as though I am succeeding and other times I wish I had a younger mind. I do know that different age groups are attracted to different platforms. So much to learn. Did they like my picture because it was good or because I photographed it on a quirky angle? Is it the quality of the painting or the ability to be different as most of my paintings are rectangles rather than interesting angles. I would love some help with this. I have learnt that  #cute or #beautiful are trending. I am so not good at this but let’s play…suggestions appreciated.

Find your soul path

We are all on an amazing journey to where we want to be and along the way there are such amazing discoveries…enjoy the journey.

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