Layers of learning.

Sometimes it is a matter of fiddling around the edges before you jump in. Cleared the floor space and picked up one painting. Worked on the background. Picked up another and started re-working the face. Then got brave and used the paint straight out of the bottle to give the hair more energy. Love the contrast of quinacrydine burnt orange with teal and turoqoise. The anthraquinone blue comes in through the material I used for the masque. She is emerging through a veil as she peers through, her head tilted as she gazes with uncertain curiosity as she walks into this new world. I have used a paint roller to add the teal and spray painted the flower image that is visible through the layers.

I have so many pieces in different stages of completion that the choices seem infinite. Each painting leads to the next and their is this revisiting of older works as I add my new understandings. I love that I will never stop learning. Each piece inspiring the next. So many stories waiting to be told as they emerge through the layers.

Stories through the layers

Studio art works

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