Ideas and possibilities.

I love exploring opp shops and finding bits that inspire me and often are added to my art works or inspire an idea. Yesterday I found these small wooden blanks and was excited about the possibilities. I found a small image to play with from one of my art works. My jewellery is based on sections of my mixed media paintings. I had added “be inspired to this image and as a small brooch piece the small silhouetted dancing figures worked well. I was so pleased. I also decided to play with the smaller wooden blanks using the more abstract section of the tree with the spiralled dots that were almost heart shaped. I went into experimental mode and used my monte Marta impasto medium as a glue and a sealant. Experience has taught me the danger of bleeding stains in resin pieces. Previously I have sealed both sides with packing tape. This time I was attaching the piece to wood so it did not feel like the right move as wood and plastic  do not adhere as well as medium, paper and wood. I am using craft smart 2 part resin. I attached all the final wood and images onto several long strips of masking tape so any overflow would hopefully not attach to the back. The resin layer domed really well and I feel like I have learnt so much in trying out a new process. I do want to play with some wire bezel work around some of them but leave some as they are. Simple strong shapes. I will add small brooch pins to the backs but could just as easily make small necklace pieces.


Basic materials so far.


Domed resin images and blanks


Becoming – original image source from tree area in background.

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