Crazy box cat

Over the last few weeks I have been regularly posting on my Instagram account. I have tended to,put a lot of works in progress up and a quote here anthere as I learn what I am doing. After two weeks I had the few steady likes with a maximum of 5 likes on a post. On Wednesday something happened. Now I know a lot of people like cats and my crazy cat Olly, decided his new home was a box that he could sleep in…yes he is cute..if he curled up just right he could fit. This got me 6 likes very quickly and I was happy (although I will say nothing since). That morning I completed a small A3 piece on paper and within an hour I had 12 likes and I now have 20, 28 hours later. Now I’m not sure if crazy box cat got the ball rolling for me but I did discover that it seems as though when I hit 10 likes, Instagram starts to display the number of likes. Yes this is all early days in my Instagram adventure but I am having fun and learning along the way.

Keep on learning

Yes I will be posting Olly crazy cat again as he knows weird and finds rediculous places to sleep that make me laugh. I need to develop a business hashtag use all the time apparently. That is my next step. It is a good thing it is easy to search on inatagram as I am still working out how to get a url link. Feel as though I am getting there and I love that there is always more to learn. I have started searching trending hashtags which is another good tip I have learnt so farits fun so far.

I really didn’t think I would like it Instagram so much but it is instant and easy and inspires my posts here as well. I would love you to visit occasionally to see what I am in the process of creating or quotes or crazy cat. So much to learn and such a wonderful app to play and learn with.


Instagram screen shot @cherylebannon on Instagram.



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