Layered understandings

As I work on my girl and wolf series, I am exploring ways of creating my own simplified wolf and girl image. This is a journey as I shape the images and build layered landscape backgrounds. These pieces are a bringing together of many images that I have developed over the years. The wolf has often appeared in my art. As I painted the wolf, I realised I needed to get a srptronger sense of them in their natural environment. I watched a video on Arctic wolves to help inform me as I shaped the movements. I am not aiming at a realistic wolf but a wolf as a symbol that maintains it wild strength and freedom. A wild creature that is highly intelligent, a pack animal that protects its own and is both teacher and guide. This is not a fluffy dog that this young girl clings to but a powerful wild thing that calls her as kin. She is young and the wolf is her guide and protector.

The simplified imagery of the wolf and girlis created through numerous layers, stencils, adjustments and playful exploration to create depth. This intuitive art works are created on watercolour paper and range in size from A5 to A3 and are small explorative pieces.

The challenge is the play on opposites; of innocence, the wild nature of the wolf and connection. This is the first of about 10 works in progress so we will see where the adventure leads.

Well that was yesterday and today I reworked this piece as I was not satisfied. I refined the face and narrowed athe legs. I added a deep blue to the colour layers in the wolf. I am now much happier with the results. I have included the earlier version below as well as the next piece I am working on. I do love the gum boots in this piece. I am developing a sense of the wolf and the way it moves and the shapes that firm the angles. I am layering lots of colours into the fur to develop depth and continue to learn as I play.


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